Unicycling hockey in London

Hi, I am getting confused about unicycling hockey in London. Do any groups still meet? If so, where and when? Probably a stupid question, but do any teenage girls do it, or is everyone male and 30+? Thanks

if you want to pull dont ride a unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:
welcome to the world of uni mate :smiley:

unless ovcourse you are a girl then are just looking for other female unicycle riding hocky players in which case you might be hard pushed.
also look out for guys who use uni to pull there everwhere :slight_smile:

Unless you’re female. Although for females, the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

good thinking tholub although i feel like were slightly thread jacking :confused:
just wondering bumps and bruises are you male or female

also whats wrong with 30 + men ?! (not that i am one but theres quite a demographic in unicycling which works out about the mid life crisis stage in life :stuck_out_tongue: ( sorry guys )).

Hackney and the LUNIs still meet regularly. I don’t know if the contact details at http://www.unicycle.org.uk/hockeyteams.php are up to date. Posting on the UK forums is likely to provide a more reliable answer: http://www.unicycle.org.uk/forum/

We have teenage girls in Bristol. I believe HUHA have teenage girls. Dunno about the Londoners.

Hockeys alive in New Zealand

When your in NZ play with us, Goalie can actually ride now.


Sorry, should have been clearer - it’s not me who is interested, but my teenage daughter. She really wants to play, but is put off by the thought of going somewhere dominated by middle aged men! Thanks for the uk links, I’ll go and ask there as well.

ahhhh explains the mystery :slight_smile: shes got nothing to worriy about though sure there old ( sorry guys again ) but there all young at heart ther all good guys they will deffiently take her under there wing and she’ll be safe as there all good guys these unicycle folk :slight_smile: