Unicycling: First Steps - First Tricks (Book For Beginners)

I got this book for Christmas from my Aunt. At first glimpse I wasn’t so sure about it, as I’ve ben riding for about 5 months now and pretty much have the basics down. Over the past few days though I’ve been reading it and realised just what an excellent book it is for people like me, as well as those first starting out.

I couldn’t find any mention of it on here other than in some German posts (the book was translated from an earlier release in German) so I thought I’d say a few words about it. It was originally published by Meyer & Meyer Sports in 2006 and translated by Anreas Anders-Wilkens and Dr. Mark Berninger in 2007.

The book covers the following topics (summaries are mine):

How to Ride Forward - covers choice of practice area, what to use for support, mounting, controlling speed, turning, and free mounting.

First Obstacles - Riding up and down steps, along narrow paths, and on bumpy ground.

Picking Up Things From The Floor - Pretty self explanatory, not sure why it has its own chapter!

Tricks and Skills - covers riding backwards, idling (including on one leg and crank indling), riding while pulling the seat away from the body, riding on your stomach, seat drags, spinning on the spot, riding with one leg, hopping, rope skipping.

Variations on the Unicycle - Giraffes (covers mounting and dismounting and “advanced techniques”), Ultimate Wheel (covers basic riding and mounting)

Unihockey and Games, Unicycle Races - Covers many games that could be fun for clubs or schools, as well as an introduction to unihockey and racing.

How To Teach Unicycling - A whole chapter on teaching others to ride, perhaps for people who’ve forgotten what it was like to be a learner!

Challenges and Elaborate Tricks - A very brief introduction to combining the unicycle with other skills such as juggling and hula hoop.

All About The Unicycle - Buying tips, retailers, and useful websites for unicycles, giraffes, and ultimate wheels.

Phew! :smiley:

As you can see, the book is pretty extensive, although it does manage to condense everything down to 152 pages without it seeming like they’ve skipped over anything too important. It’s also full of great full colour photos and diagrams.

Some of the advice on unicycle buying may be a little out of date as the book was published in 2006, but I can highly recommend it for the tricks and basic techniques alone.


As I said, I had never seen any mention of this fantastic book anywhere on the forums so I wanted to spread the word!