Unicycling even in my dreams

Before I use to have dreams about falling out of bed or dropping out of the sky or something like that.

Now I have dreams where I’m pedaling and my feet suddenly slips off the pedal. My reaction in real life is to jump off and try to run it off so I don’t get entangled. Of course, this is when I wake up and I find myself doing the jump off motion, but on my sides.

Anyone else have similar?

I think I have unicycle on the brain, time to take a break? :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to have strange dreams myself. One night I would dream I was a wigwam, another night I would dream I was a teepee. It began to bother me so I went to see a psychiatrist. When I explained my dreams to him he looked at me for a moment and finally said, “I think your too tense” <rimshot>


I don’t recall the last time I dreamt I was an animate object. I don’t know if your experience was real or not for the sake of the joke but that would be an interesting dream, to see in the perspective of the objects that you commonly use or see people use.

Thankfully, the majority of my dreams are exciting, either falling off or out of stuff. Would be dreadful if I were to dream about, say, doing taxes or more office paperwork or something.

Hope you and your son are making good progress on the unicycle riding.

I frequently dream I’m unicycle riding. They are great dreams, because I’m always riding flawlessly and effortlessly. I’ve had freewheel uni dreams as well, which have made me want to try one. In general, I think they make me a better rider, because I want to go out afterwards and duplicate what I dreamed.

Aren’t falling dreams supposed to mean you are losing control of your life? And if that’s true, what does it mean to dream you are on a unicycle, which means to be perpetually falling, but never hitting the ground (except once in a while)? What if you dream of falling off a unicycle? Isn’t that even worse?

Oh well, apparently Freud never really said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” but maybe it’s a good answer to all these questions.

LOL @ UniSpud :slight_smile:
I’m with LanceB :slight_smile: I am always dreaming I’m unicycling. Sometimes I’m riding that fast that I’m actually leaning into the bends and taking the racing lines. :roll_eyes:

Ha, that’s like the opposite of my dreams. I have little to no control over my dreams, regardless of my abilities in real life. If I hated grapes in real life, which I don’t, in my dreams I’d find myself loving them. Weird example but its there :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Getting kind of deep there. It actually makes sense. Obsession with unicycling and I am having anxiety problems so I get falling off of a unicycle.

Seems like for all those dreams of falling, I don’t recall dreaming of the aftermath of falling. I fall and then I either wake up or it goes to another scene or something, at least as much as I can remember as most detailed memories of a dream seems to disappear moments later.

Nate, my initial reply was meant as a joke (two tents). I don’t ever recall dreaming of myself as an inanimate object.

I have not had any dreams of myself riding my unicycle, so can’t really offer an opinion of what it may or may not mean.

Some years back I journaled my dreams. You are right about the content of the dream fading away very quickly upon waking. I found that by having pen and paper beside my bed I could jot down the high points of the dream when I woke. As time went on I was able to remember more detail in my dreams. I found it useful and fun. A bit like peeking through my own windows.

I think dreams are very personal conversations between our couscious minds and our sub-conscious minds. Because of this it is difficult to attribute any particular meaning to any dream activity. In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all interpretation of a dream. We all develop ways of dealing with the stresses, joys, defeats and successes of life. I think dreaming is one of those ways of maintaining a conversation with ourselves as we float down this river of life.

Thank you for your good wishes. He seems to have lost interest. Says it’s boring. As for me, I am fumbling along at a snail’s pace. No major accomplishments to report.


I routinely dream of unicycling, and usually I’m better in my dreams…

Last night though I dreamt that I saw a guy practicing tango moves (my gf and I are taking lessons), and then he left his uni behind when he left…

I recall a dream I had last night.
In the dream, I was taking a new course at a university and seemed to be associated with a group of people with which I was obviously not compatible. I was wondering how on earth I was going to fix the problem. Out of the blue, I came upon a group of people balancing and riding very slowly on a variety of odd round and roundish bent metal objects that were meant to resemble unicycles. I realized this was a university “course” that was already underway. I determined to enroll !!! I talked to the instructor who was lazily sitting in the grass giving instructions.

The odd thing was that all of the students were supposedly beginners, but they were all balanced on top of the various odd , bent (etc) wheels taking one pedal at a time. They were suspended on these unicylish contraptions following instructions very slowly. Nobody was falling off. They were in a formation in rows. Very organized. But the unicycles were made of junk (like stuff found in a junk yard) and had roundish tires some of which were bent metal.

>>>Strange and interesting.
I am doing a junk sculpture right now. Many of the parts came from a junk yard.
Unicycles found their way into my junk project as I was dreaming last night<<<

Any unicycle dream is a good dream!!!

Yep. I’m usually really really good in my dreams, gliding almost as if freewheeling. Then I wake up.

I’m also great in bed!

The other night I dreamed I wheel walked for more than 50 ft. At the end of the wheel walk, I attempted to put my feet back on the pedals, but failed. I am currently in the process of learning wheel walking, and my best wheel walk has been 20 feet. So, the dream is not so far off. I remember, as a beginner, feeling excited after riding my first 20 feet. It feels the same with wheel walking. Hard, but fun.

I also dream about unicycling sometimes , and in my dreams i’m a very good at doing rolling hops which is not the case in real life.

Speaking about dreams, one of my hobbies is Lucid Dreaming (my nickname comes from that).

Ludid dreaming is dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming.
When you become lucid in a dream you can almost do whatever you want, like flying, lifting super heavy stuffs, telekinesis, going through walls, talking to celebrities, and so on.
The potential is infinite and the experience is as realistic as real life since it uses the same neuronal networks as those that are activated when you perceive the real world.

Like unicycling it sounds impossible to achieve at first but you can actualy do it, and like unicycling it gives a great feeling of freedom, but unlike unicycling you don’t really learn a skill that is won once for all, each attempt is nearly as hard to trandform into a success as when you are a beginer, even after decades of practice.
With a lot of work and dedication you can have from several lucid dreams a month to 3 or 4 a week (or even more when you are very gifted), and the experience clearly is worth it.

I never tried to ride a unicycle in a lucid dream though, (only during normal dreams), this could be a fun lucid goal.

OT: I did tried lucid dreaming when I was changing my job (lot of free time). It caused me a lot of fun and severe less hours of sleeping. However I stopped lucid dreaming because I did drive every dream to a porn movie. Even when the dream started having breakfast I steeer it suddenly saying “Let’s have sex!” and found beside me every model or actress I decided. I also remember a dream about a trip to a volcano where I decided it was to time to met two twin sisters… It was fun, but I was becoming sort of addicted

Ha ha, I didn’t plan to write about this possibility but yes, I believe each lucid dreamer meets this “let’s have sex!” temptation, especially at first or when you don’t know how to make the lucid dream last longer, all the more so as it usually makes the dream shorter.
This dilema is well known and even if it’s ok to use some of your Lucid Dreams for this purpose, there is so many other fun and interesting things to do that it can be worth the “abstinence” to make the dream longer and achieve other goals (that you plan before going to sleep).

I stopped lucid D too about one year ago but I had been very active until two years ago, I even was one of the moderators of a French forum.

I just came back to this stuff few days ago cause this part of the year I have less time to ride my unicycles and I miss this unique moment (when you realize you are dreaming) too much… I have been away from it for too long (not a single lucid dream this last year).

Whoa what’s happening to this forum, I came here to read about unicycling, not about your sex life!


same for me: unicycling dreams are great and I can perform lots of tricks I am unable to do in real life … that’s why I sleep a lot! (8-10 hours every night!)

Yeah I think uni dreams come especially while trying to tackle a new trick. Then in the dream it just works. I love to be able to glide, which I dreamt about, but I don’t even dare to take off 1 foot off the pedals.
It is the same with computer games where there is a mission that you try many many times and just doesn’t work and then during the night I dream I made it, only to wake up realising it wasn’t real.

As for slipping off the pedals, I have that right before falling asleep, giving some muscler spasms. I think that is totally normal, either tripping over your feet or slipping of the uni. Whatever your mind is full with.

I am still just dreaming about how to ride these things properly.

Otherwise my sleeping dreams would make for original movies and video games.

I suggest, for learning anything one-footed, that you first practice static mounts slowly, gradually increasing the interval of time between the placement of the first and second foot. Then, try to let the second foot hang in the air during the static mount, so you’re doing a one-footed still-stand. Another thing you can try is, while idling, work on making the idles big, and at the point the dominant foot/pedal is back and pushing hard to change direction, slightly lift your non-dominant foot off the pedal, just for a moment. Both these exercises will get you accustomed to removing a foot from the pedal, and they help you find the correct position, in the 360 degree pedal stroke, to make the transition from two footed riding to one footed riding. Also, it may be easier to learn one-foot idling, with a foot on the crown, before learning one-foot riding. You might try static mounting into a one-foot idle.

Back to dreaming: I recall that the dreams can go in slow motion. I think this is so our brain can analyze a hard part of our technique. When I dreamed I was wheel walking, when I attempted to transition back to the pedals (this is my next big stumbling block), that part happened very slowly. I think I failed in the dream because I don’t have any real concept how to transition back. Even in my dreams, there was some reality.