Unicycling close to San Francisco

I just moved from Georgia to Half moon bay and I am looking for some people to show me around the good muni spots and people to ride with in general. If anybody is in the area hit me up I wanna go ride as soon as i get time and I don’t know any of the trails.

You should get on the Berkeley Unicyclists list:

We’re going to be doing approximately-weekly MUni rides this winter/spring. There are some good (crazy) MUni trails on the coast at Pacifica; look for “The Mile” and “Crack”.

There’s also a famous weekly ride from Santa Cruz, Rob’s Ride, every Sunday. That’s a big wheel ride, 20ish miles, about half on roads. But there’s some great MUni in Santa Cruz also.


Rob’s ride is a really good time! It’s not exactly for the faint of heart. Has some knarly singletrack, lots of fire roads, and really good climbs in it. Highly recommended, and the people are really really nice.

riding soon

can any body ride tomorrow sunday? i will try to check often if people are riding please tell me :smiley:

Check out our web site, there’s a ride calendar. Today (Sunday) there’s a ride at 9:30 leaving from Oakland (probably rough for you to get over here that fast).

Riding close to palo alto

I will be working next week in palo alto and getting off around 4 does anybody want to ride this coming week some were close to palo alto?

Palo Alto

Hey, I’m in Palo Alto but won’t be able to ride this week (school :(). On the topic of riding in this area, I saw a guy riding a blue muni (kh 29?) past the parking lot for arastrodero. If you’re reading this, that guy on the mountain bike that yelled HAY wasn’t crazy, I just don’t know any uni riders around here.

We also have a unicycle meetup group in the bay area: https://www.meetup.com/silicon-valley-unicycle-group/