Unicycling, as seen from space

thanks to the recent update of Google Maps, my dad, through curiosity, found this image of a person riding a giraffe unicycle. As seen from space.
this is in the main square of Munich.
Here it is
See that square of people? they’re crowding around something…:slight_smile:
look at the shadows

Needle in a Haystack much?

What primitive lifeforms inhabit this planet when the simple concept of a wheel causes such an iterest :smiley:

update, more info

this happened when the circus was in town, not just a street performer
about 4km WSW of the performer is a huge blue tent (in the middle of a park like clearing, you cant miss it if you zoom out and move left) labeled Krone
A Google search of ‘Krone circus’ yielded this result: Circus Krone
the unicycle also looks like its a twelve footer, so the pole like object to the left of the performer may be a ladder…

Thats amazing. Even my non unicyclist friends thought it awesome!

Are these unicycles for sure? They could be stilts. However, awesome find

Looks as though the unicyclist’s partner is standing directly in front of him/her, holding clubs (?) and about to start passing - fantastic.

That made my day, it’s been raining all day so far. :frowning:

Uni, at least in my view of the shadows. Plus, no offense, I don’t think stilts would pull a crowd like that.

Really cool find.

Perhaps there were unis to pull the crowd together and now they’re stilts, and people are like: ok, they suck, unis were much better, but let’s not go yet, they will get sad.:stuck_out_tongue:

There looks to be one in front of the opera house in Covent Garden too - if so, then he/she isn’t performing or is so bad that only one person is watching :smiley: Can’t work out how to get a url for the exact location in googlemaps, but if you look right in front of the opera house at highest magnification you can just about pick it out - not a giraffe, or only a short one.