Unicycling and food

How long should you wait after having a meal before you can unicycle? I usually come back from school have my lunch, wait about an hour and go outside to unicycle. The problem is, it gets dark fairly quickly, so I don’t have much time to waste.
So, the question. How long do you normally take to digest your food safely? What’s the minimum time?

I eat whilst riding:p

Unless you’re going to be doing some really fast riding, don’t worry about it, just don’t hurry your food, and go out when you’re finished eating. Maybe start by not pushing yourself too much. If it makes you feel like vomiting, maybe have a little bit more of a rest before next time.

It’s not like swimming, where if you get cramp or whatever from having food, you’re stuck in a pool and you might drown, if you have side effects from eating food before unicycling, you can just stop riding and it’s all okay.


Depends what you’re doing, i.e. i’d leave more time before doing trials than feestyle, because the sharp powerful movements and jumping around are going to shake you stomach around more than learning wheel walking or something.

I mostly do street and trials.

i just went up a 10set while having just gobbled up a large steak pasty… nah honestly food is fine, its just dont drink too much or else your stomach will feel weird… i guess dont eat too much either…

try go to your training spot doing a slow walking…

It is actually a myth that you can get cramp when swimming shortly after a meal.

You shouldn’t concern so much about digesting and stuff, it won’t make you happier.

Me two!
I usheraly eat and ride when I need to get somewere in a rush:p
Unicycles are much more practical than bikes:D

yeha i love eating on my uni too :smiley: i want sommit to hold my md player while doing trials though… i’m so much better at trials when i’ve got good music… but problem is the MD player always runs away,…

I think if you need to ask a question like this, you shouldn’t be on a Unicycle…

I also eat while I’m riding to school after lunch.

I really doubt you are going to barf or anything… you might just get a cramp. If so, get of the uni and wait for it to go away, you might look stragne to bystanders, however.