Unicycling - A Vasectomy

My roommate and I made a little video yesterday. Most of the campus is covered in snow, but we worked with what we had.


Any Feedback?

Maybe just a…“cool” or “that sucked”

cool wish it snowed where i live nice vid too!

Thanks! Yea the snow is cool.

Cool, it kinda sucked tho

Seriously, it was pretty good. It is cold and snowy here too. I wish it was just a bit warmer so I could ride.

haha thanks. The weather is preventing me from riding now too. The windchill has been below zero for a couple of days now.

fun video, you seem like a really cool guy.

Looks like your havin fun there!
Nice video effects with the colour and stuff.

nice video it must be very cold

Yea, its pretty cold. But it’s nearly 50 freakin degrees today! I’m going out for a ride.