Unicycling 2011 - Tirryn Nankivell

Hey guys! Here’s my new 2011 video :slight_smile: pretty happy with it, there are a few dodgy filmed clips, but meh. it’s about the riding for me :slight_smile: Hope you guys enjoy it. Would love to hear all your feedback,


Yeahhhh budddy! :smiley: That was awesome!! (: I’m so jealous that you have a brother to ride with and progress with! I loved the blunt, fakie grind, and of course the 7! The triple was also insanely clean! <3

Yeah! About time you released a you only video :slight_smile: everything was awesome. Got your treys so solid now. :slight_smile: love the back flip drop and the 180 to fakie grind. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sam! I was landing trey’s really well that day, hopefully they stick. :slight_smile:

Cheers Colby :slight_smile: thanks for motivating me with your vids!

Awesome video! Good job on those 720s, they looked great!

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope I can improve someday to where your at :slight_smile:

Tripple and backlip on 1.00 looked amazing!
Nice seven spin too!:wink: