UnicycleTips.com - Taking requests...

I haven’t made any tutorials for the site in far too long, so this is an invitation for you all to send some requests our way. That includes pictures, videos, and text.

Do you have a video camera available? Maybe you could get around ot making a rolling hops tutorial some time? And what about a long distance rolling hops one from the other Peter? Wow, there’s a lot of skill over there in New Zealand!

Some ideas I’ve had:

  • More detailed muni video tutorials (when my new frame is finished)
  • Video summary of the “Learning to Unicycle” document

Of course, you’re all very welcome to donate your time and expertise and make some yourself. :slight_smile:


I suggest some slow motion so that we can try to understand the details.
for very simple tricks it looks so easy … and we do not succeed in imitating … so there is “something” we do not get …
simple tricks involved: direct mount, rolling mount, rolling hop and other simple muni skills.

bear (never succeeded a simple rolling hop)

could you post a tutorial on that trick where you plant both feet on the wall and back on I dont mean president lukes new one just the normal one that xavier collos does so nicely in defect because all i do is damage my toes in the kick bit

cheers Lucas

How is going you custom muni andrew?
Im tuning mine, the crank length is the pont i hate more, i find 140 to be too short and 170 too long, what do you advice me? 150 KH ones or… 160 Koxx, thanks!

Turning back to the post subject… yes, i would love tutorials about street ticks like flips Mmm I love them.

Yeah, I know what you mean. What I’d love is a camera that can record at something like 60 frames per second to capture those sorts of skills better. When I was making those tutorials I considered slowing it down further, but it didn’t play fluidly enough for my liking. I’ll consider re-doing them, but it won’t be for a while. For now, try viewing slowing them down yourself. In Windows Media Player you can go to “Play speed settings” down in the bottom left. If you can’t find this, go to the help menu. My default media player (for things other than audio) is The Core Media Player which I really like. In that one you can slow it down to half speed by pressing “Control+1”, then “Control+2” to return to normal speed. There should be an equivalent for most media players, I’m not familiar with Macs though. I hope the WMV video files will allow this…actually I just tested it and it doesn’t seem to work too well. Is it just my computer? Any suggestions? John? :wink:

No. Sorry, I have no street riding skill. :slight_smile: You’ll have to ask somebody else. On that note though, I’d love some street tutorial donations.

Well I’m really just waiting until this friend of mine finds time to make my frame. I’ve been waiting for over 6 months though, so I don’t know how long it will be. I’m really missing muni.

Your muni is looking really nice. It’s strange seeing snow…it’s summer here. Are those Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals? I used to ride with them. If only they made them stronger.

As for crank lengths, last year I upgraded from 145mm Profiles to 160mm ones. I think they’re ideal for me. I remember I emailed Kris Holm asking about crank lengths and braking technique and some other things and he said he rides with 165mm cranks and doesn’t use the brake much down the really bumpy technical descents. I wouldn’t want to go any shorter than 160mm, now that I have them, but I could see myself being quite comfortable with 165’s. I think 160’s are ideal for me though…they offer plenty of torque and 5mm less chance of hitting the pedals on ruts, roots, and rocks. :slight_smile:


were do we send tutorials if we make one?



andrew i could make some muni video instructions since I am up in the north shore constantly. Just tell me what you need

make as many as you can, right after you do something, be like dude, i should make a tutorial, then make one

If you have some money to burn, I know for a fact that the new HD camcorders can record at 60 fps, at least the JVC and the panasonic, not sure about the Sony though. I dunno maybe you could borrow one for a day. I suspect a lot of people will be using this feature in the -not so distant- future. 60 fps makes for some really usable 125 slow mo, which played back at 25 fps gives a very nice 20% slow motion.

I think that a tutorial regarding hardware maintenance would be neat addition to your site. Tightening spokes, greasing, inflating, swapping tyres, even patching a tube, would all be great advice for newbies.

You can use This “Unicycling for Newbies” thread i created as a document of some kind if you want to.

I want crankflips video tutorials.

Again, something I don’t do…maybe I can convince Alex Toms to make me a video tutorial. Otherwise donations are welcome. :slight_smile:


This isnt really a tutorial but i do have two crankflips filmed from different angles in slow motion. Hope it might help.

Here is the video

me too…maybe Alex or Shaun can make one.

dude, what fell off ur uni?

It looks like the crank extractor ring


Spencer and Jeff have kindly filmed some great crankflip footage and made a video tutorial out of it that is much the same as the rest of the ones on the site. It will be up soon.

Thanks guys!


… sorry I couldn’t resist.

UnicycleTips.com - Taking requests…

It’s nice to see the name being used as it was intended! - Easy access to finding uni riding tips.



Not only that, but other people here on the forums seem to be using the new name as well which is fantastic!


Thanks again.