UnicycleTips.com - New authors welcome...

G’day everyone,

I’ve seriously cut down on my unicycling lately, and although I plan to get out regularly on the muni, I don’t feel like I have anything more to add to unicycletips.com .

I guess realistically I didn’t have anything more to add half a year or a year ago, but I thought it would be worth making it a little more ‘official’ in the hope that somebody else might like to start making videos and writing tips. I actually don’t have a working video camera anymore, which is probably a good thing…now I find myself riding for the sake of riding once again.

So this is a kind of goodbye for me and an open invite for new contributors to the site.

Peter, thanks so much for everything you’ve done and good luck with the site and with your riding.


(I may drop by occasionally from time to time, but unicycling is kind of taking a back seat these days)

sniff… sniff…

wow that sucks that you arent unicycling much these days.

i saw the thread and i was like “oh yay andrew’s back!” but then i read it and i was like oh damn.

anyways i have never actually met you but thanks for doing so much for the sport in australia - lots of biketrials guys i talk to know you and because of that they respect the sport because you were such a good ambasador for it.

i hope you dont give up totally and still head out for a ride now and then.


PS did your custom muni ever eventuate?

Thanks for everything Andrew!
Deffinately couldn’t have done it without you. As we figured the site’s been going now for a bit over three years after I made this thread and I think it’s looking really good now, a lot of stuff and you’ve contributed heaps.

But deffinately if anyone else has tips, tutorials or whatever to add to the site then email me and i’ll still be updating it to make it bigger and better!

So once again thanks Andrew for making the UnicycleTips.com possible in the first place.

  • two years…I thought it was 2007 for some reason.

Haha, why would you think its 2007?

From the Kh 2007 unis, duh! Cause they are the 2007 model, the year most be 2007, because we idolize KHU and what they say, we believe. =p

I am afraid I wouldnt be much help to the site, it has tons of info, but I would like to see more flatland and street stuff written up in their. I am a trials rider mainly and I dont have enough experience to write out good guides or make videos for the street and flatland stuff.

I know there’s a lot of you guys out there that can do a lot of the street/flatland tricks, and I know you have a camera, cause you have made vids, so why not take about an hour or 30mins out of your day and make some good guides? =p

I hope you get more into unicycling again, you were a inspiration to me, and that faceplant into the tire is forever forged into my memory.


Thanks for all of your contributions to tutorials in particular. That takes a lot of work and your site is one to which people often refer new riders for information about getting started. Thanks also for being a positive contributor in terms of level-headedness and maturity. You have set a good standard and example for all of us. I hope you don’t mind if I stray from that on occassion. Sorry you won’t be riding as much. You’re a talented rider and your stories will be missed. I hope to be down under and meet you in person some day.

i could help out w/ some tutorials if need be
i was thinking about doing one for long distance hops anyways, mostly so that there would be another method to fall back on :slight_smile:
and acid drops, considering those are hard at first.

Dang, I remember when Andrew came on the scene- never seen anyone post as much.

Thanks for all the stuff you’ve done for Unicycling- when I was in Brisbane it seemed like everyone knows you!

Good luck with your future endeavours,


I’ll always be an Andrew Carter fan!

I had wondered if you were still riding; the thought of you not riding was nearly unthinkable. Your skilled riding plus feel-good approach really did make one feel good in a deep way. I still watch your videos regularly.

I hope that you get back into unicycling and pop back up here on the forums with lots of that contagious enthusiasm once again.

Thanks, Andrew!

I can code PHP and do CSS and HTML. I could do some stuff with that…

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I will continue to ride, I just plan to post less than my annoying old 4 or 5 per day! I don’t know how you put up with it.

The muni ride I went on last weekend did get me right back in the mood for regular riding. Since I (pretty much) stopped riding, the number of unicyclists in Brisbane has almost doubled so there are plenty of younger riders to teach bits and pieces to which is probably what I enjoy most these days anyway.

If I ever get my camera fixed you can look forward to videos of the talented new riders in the area. :slight_smile:

Wow…I’m surprised that some Melbourne bike trials riders know me. Or were you talking to Brisbane riders? They’re a friendly bunch aren’t they. The custom muni did eventuate, see the last two pages of this thread - Custom muni project... . I haven’t yet gotten around to tracking down good quality blue nipples nor a blue seatpsot clamp, and there is still an unacceptable amount of flex. For now I will put up with it and possibly go down to a smaller tyre (since I’m not interested in 6’ drops anymore anyway). We will eventually try to reduce the flex somehow…no doubt it will turn out heavier than I’d hoped though. It was a very fine line that I crossed with tube sizing. I think the flex to size comparison is definitely exponential because it’s only slightly narrower than my original custom frame which is fine.

I’d love to meet you (and others) as well…maybe when Unicon comes to Australia! I keep telling myself I’ll make it out to a Moab Munifest one year. It looks like so much fun, and such a friendly atmosphere. It’s a shame Moab and New Orleans are so far apart…I’d love to ride Moab then see New Orleans’ jazz scene.

I heard that you’ll be doing the Epic again this year didn’t I? Although I think I’m too chicken to join you, maybe I’ll find the time to come and watch and meet you in person finally.


it was cool last week when you snapped the right side of his hub off that big jump

Yeah…apparently I’ve put on some weight since I last rode. :wink:

no they were melbourne-based riders who regularly rode/competed interstate i think.

Hope to meet you at unicon/uninats sometime in the futute.


I dont know about uploading it but I could write some and email it to somebody