unicycletips.com is down

it doesnt work again

Its working fine for me

it tells me the page cant be displayed

It’s working for me, too…

works fine for me.i cliked the link in your sig

whoa now it works, i clicked it like 10 times earlier and it didnt work

well if it ever doesnt work again, you can talk to me or forrest. id help you with anything i could, but i cant do it all.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

I was trying to redirect the domain name with framing, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. I did this on Friday at about 12:15 pm PST. Later that day and even on Saturday morning, I was getting a message that the website could not be found. Sometimes I got the message and other times it went through. If you have any problem, you can still go to http://munimanpete.unicyclist.com/

I am working on it and I hope to get it resolved soon. Thanks for bringing up the problem. I need to know.

it worked for me too