I’m starting a new website which will be running shortly. It will teach unicycling to people just starting, and those already experienced. If you have any articles/pictures/videos that you would like to have used on the site, please send them to unicycleschool@yahoo.com. thank you, William


That sounds neat. Check out http://munimanpete.unicyclist.com/index.html. They have a site similar to what you’re speaking of starting.

Check out the “Newbie Guide” link in my sig.

Scam Alert?

There is no unicycleschool.com – it appears to be a solicitation to buy a domain name. Don’t bother checking it out – there’s nothing there. Also notice that ‘William’ has only ever posted once – he’s probably not a unicyclist.

So it goes.

Hey bro he didn’t say unicycleschool.com but rather he said send and pics/videos to unicycleschool@yahoo.com

He actually said the site will be running shortly…

I think he probably started a new user name for his new site. So when he wants to make an announcement he will post under this user name.

Hey this sounds awesome I will consider getting something together.:slight_smile:

When you purchase a domain for a site, it creates a site, with an advertisement page for the site where the domain was purchased. It stays that way until the owner of the new domain changes it.