unicycles on the back of a car

Anyone know or seen how to attach unicycles to a bike rack without damaging them or them falling off? I thought i saw a picture in one of the posts a while back but i cant find it.


I was considering using a Thule rack - on a bike they clamp the wheel & an arm attaches to the downtube which could be ok.

I put a wooden bar across the lower section of my rack and the crank rests on that. Other than that, I just put the wheels on the arms so they rest on the rim, excpet the Coker goes on both arms at once. But it would depend on which rack you have, mine is a trunk lid rack.

Bungee straps. Lots of bungee straps.

And remove the pedals, or at least the pedal that would otherwise apply abrasive weight reduction techniques to your car bodywork.



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hey cool I think thats the same kinda van i have. Mines a town and country, and that looks like a caravan or something. Although i’d have to think if i’d need to spend 115 when that money could go towards another uni, hehe.

So how did the baby get in your arm anyways, and how does that affect how your arm works?


Just drop it. nobody’s judging.

This is how I do it:

I recon I can hold five this way. Though in the picture I only have four.

thanks for that guys, i was wondering if dainos method would damage the spokes but i guess if you have padding then its ok.

I don’t think the spokes are in any danger. However, if you aren’t careful, the rims can get scratched. I was thinking about padding the entire length of the booms to protect them.

Another thing I should mention is the size of the rack. For some reason, this rack is very wide. I have a hard time fitting bikes on it. I’m not sure what brand it is because I got it from a garage sale. Although the width makes toting bikes a pain, it’s very well suited to carry one wheelers.


I took this picture at NAUCC in Utah. Not sure it will help answer your question, but I thought it was great. I think the car and the unicycle belong to the Arnold family.



Alternate Method

I traded for a used 20 litre locking roof carrier. It is plastic and bolts to the roof rack on my station wagon. We can fit 6 unicycles (combination of muni, trials and freestyle) in it without taking then apart. We also put pieces of foam at strategic locations to stop vibration and metal on metal damage.

You may want to consider this as an alternative to a rear type bike rack.


Here’s a rack built to fit into a 1-1/4" hitch receiver. The unicycle frames have a balance point on the fork a short distance from the hub. The rack has a couple of pieces of angle iron that support the fork in this area. There is rubber around the fork to protect it.


Close up