Unicycles on Goodwill.com

I thought I would let everyone know that Goodwill.com is one of those sleeper sources for underpriced unicycles. For example, I saw this Torker DX is what looks like great shape, currently going for $40. They won’t ship it, but if I lived in the LA area and was looking for a decent uni, this might be a pretty good deal. Here is the link…

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Or if someone lives close and would be willing to buy it for me, I will pay to have it shipped to Texas. That uni for under $150 seems like a pretty good deal.

That is good to know! I had no idea that Goodwill would be a good resource for unicycles.

I don’t think going to to store would be worthwhile, but looking online at their auctions is great, especially if you live close to where the item is.

I don’t know if this place helps you any. They sale used unicycles.


I have not investigated them. So, I don’t know if this place is good or bad.

Just checked them out. Apparently they are permanently closed. :confused: No goodbye statements from the company. Although the owners LinkedIn profile still claims it is opened. Don’t know what is up with that. :confused:

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