Unicycles on airplanes

Im going to virginia at the end of march and i was wondering if there is a hassle with bringing a unicycle. I live in florida so there are never hills for me to ride on, so in virginia i will be up for a challenge.

unassemble the unicycle and put it in a box or a large suitcase or you will be charged aroun $90 because they classify it as a bike. If you do that you shouldnt have any troubles.

I have done it twice. I just take it apart and put it in my suitcase.
I put the tire and seat post and frame in seperate garbage bags. I also remove the pedals. I don’t pay any extra. Just be sure the luggage with uni weighs less than 50lbs and pack your clothes around it to keep everything from getting damaged.

When you get where you are going put it back together and save you garbage bages to use on the return trip. Any garbage bag will likely work, but I prefer the contractor ones from home Depot.

I just checked mine as-is. They took it without putting it in a bag or anything. Just checked it, and I had to pick it up where they have the ‘fragile items’. Went really easily. If you do take it apart and pack it, it gives you a little ease of mind.

where in virginia? hell on wheel has members in richmond, charlottesville, and DC area. give us a heads up and perhaps we can ride.

Don’t tell anyone I told you this but if they ask you what’s in the box, don’t say the word unicycle, say “performance equipment”.

I’ve taken two Uni’s to Angola, one to Germany, one to Scotland all by plane, never paid extra, it fits nicely in a large box, squash it flat, I once left the seat and peddles on, (shrugs) they just look at you as though you’re mad and let you place it as normal luggage.

Good luck.

They charge for bicycles because they are oversized, so when you break it down to box it make sure it is compact. I’d just take the frame off the wheel and the pedals off the cranks.

I’ve heard of bicyclists who succesfully claimed they were only shipping “bicycle parts” by disassembled their bikes and mixing the parts among the rest of their luggage. I imagine this trick would work very well for a unicycle too. “See, it’s just parts. I’ve only got one of the wheels.”

Not sure how well this would work for a giraffe since they really are oversized.

I brought a giraffe back to Newfoundland from Victoria, BC as checked baggage. They (Air Canada) charged the usual bike rate but they were really good about checking it through - no hassles and lots of smiles - and it came out at the other end in fine shape. I just removed the pedals, and it was wrapped in one of those large heavy plastic bike bags. My 24" Muni went packaged in a box (pedals and seat off but in the same box) and they didn’t charge anything for that, even when told it was a unicycle.
Good luck - enjoy the ride!


it’s the linear inches

Check with the airline. A 20" or 24" unicycle can usually fit into a box that is within the “linear inches” [add the length, height and width] limitation, as well as under 50 pounds. A bigger uni will take some creativity to make it fit, and I doubt you can do it with a Coker.

Also that you cannot take any “tools” in carry on, and usually they will just confiscate them as you go thru security. I lost my hub puller that way.

Re: it’s the linear inches

“Oh no!! This passenger has a hub puller! He might try to take the wheels off the plane while in flight!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I wonder if those security types ever get a grip. (Oh, right, they took a couple of grips off that movie crew yesterday. They were carrying duct tape and pliers.) :smiley:

What part of Florida are you in?

Check your specific airline(s). I know that AA explicitly allows a b*ke instead of one of the 2 standard pieces of luggage; there are still size and weight restrictions. With a custom made box I’ve just barely fit a 20" and a 24" together in one luggage box within AA’s size limits (required removing frames wheels for packing).

I live on the east coast of florida in melbourne. Im going to charlottesville virginia