Unicycles needed in Southampton, UK!

This is a very random request, but I hope someone out there can help me. I’m now (after being here a week) head of the unicycling section of the Circus Skills Society at Southampton University, UK. However we have a small problem in that loads of people want to learn (about 8 or 10) but we’ve only got 1 training uni, and thats pretty much dead. I’ve been using my onza trails as well but thats not really up to the job either, what with the grind pedals and non quick-release clamp.

So are there any unicyclists in or near to Southampton UK who can possibly lend me training unicycles I can use at CircSoc? Any kind of unicycle will do, of any size, and it doesn’t even have to be in good condition since I can replace cranks/pedals/inner tubes fine.

Is there anyone who can help me? :(.


I’ve got one you could have/borrow but I don’t live near Southhampton.


Thats ok, if arrangements can be made for it to be transported to here, I need as many as possible for next monday. But I will need them over the year, so its not amazingly desperate if you offer and you’re away from Southampton.

Thanks Cathy!


An unfortunately serruptitious [BUMP].


If you have someone you know in exeter over the weekend they can pick up a pair from our garage. I don’t know wanyone whos coming your way before monday tho, sorry. May be possible to arrange later in the year?

Should have thought of this earlier. Is there another juggling club in town? if so why not ask them. Also try an appeal in your local paper, that might find a few lurking in sheds. Equally it could find you more wannabe riders.

Thanks for the ideas Sarah. I’m not sure about other clubs in the area, I know there’s us and the club from Southampton Solent but they’re as unicycle deficient as us, and probably need them more than we do. I’m going to try and pick up a local copy of the ‘Why’ magasine and look for unicycles in the classifieds. If I can pick up a couple for about £50 the club will re-imburse me.


If there is a little money in the club coffers it may be worth asking bike shops if they have any unis gathering dust in the back room they want rid of for a low price.
On a more long term basis- I do have a contact going to Southhampton in 2 weeks time. He MIGHT be willing to take 2 unis to a company called GLS ( Unit 2 Beta Building, Southampton, SO19 7HS - IIRC) who you could then collect them from.
PM if you want me to investigate this option a bit further. I would need the unis back for the South West uni meet on Jan 14th, but you can always bring them along with a bunch of people from the club on a vist to their first unicycle event.