Unicycles for sale

I have about 8 different unicycles for sale. Not interested in selling by the part or shipping them. If you are in driving distance of Harrisonburg, VA and interested please contact me. All different sizes most are high end mountain.

so do you have a list of what you have to sell and price for each

I’ll get a full list with prices and pictures. A $750 unicycle will be $500 firm. Pick up only.

Right now I know I have
36 Night Fox
26 Oregon
24 Oricale Etc

All are barely used, maybe a tiny scuff on each.

Do you have have any 24" without a brake? Are you willing to ship at all?

It looks like I may have to ship due to lack of interest. I also priced the Oregon incorrectly. It should read $550.

I have 2 24" without a brake. A torker and a mountain that is custom. Until shipping is figured I’m not sure it would be less than a new one. I’d like $100 for the torker and $250 for the mountain. I also have to get a box. Last time I checked it was about $15 for a shipping box.

I looked through and saw a 24" you had for sale before, an Oregon style frame with 160mm cranks back in 2013.

If that is the same one you are currently selling, I think $250 would be a bit too rich for me for that particular muni.