Unicycles for donation to a unicycle club

I have 6 unicycles for donation to a unicycle club. I will ship them at my own expense to a club in the lower 48 United States only.

I have:
2 Torker LX 20-inch,
2 Torker DX 20-inch,
1 Torker LX 24-inch
1 26-inch Muni but I do not know the brand.

All are in good used condition and have been stored inside my house. All will probably need new tubes and tires. These were owned by me and the former Memphis Unicycle Club. I am downsizing and cleaning house so they need to go.


@Wheel_Rider ,

My son helps lead the recently-started unicycle club at his college in Texas. They are in need of loaner unicycles for students/members to learn on. I can PM you details, if you would like.


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We don’t have a club in VT but would certainly be interested in 26” muni! Are you willing to send one off to an individual? I have a 24” Torker that I try to ride on the trails but it goes pretty terribly!

Anyway, just throwing it out there.



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What a generous offer. Good on you.

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Please PM information. I am willing to send them to a college group in Texas. Keep in mind they will likely need new tubes and tires.


No worries! I will donate new tubes and tires to the group. Thank you!


@Wheel_Rider , the PM has been sent.

Thank You!!!

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Hey, if anyone is interested in the LA, area.

I got a nice solid 20" Torker LX for “indefinite” loan. for anyone in LA area.
They were used for two students, and I’d like to pass on the skills.

Preferably, to someone really interested/obsessed/with no other hobbies.

I’m in Memphis and have a 2 unicycles out on loan, I’m sure they would appreciate a permanent replacement. 1 has learned, the other is learning. No pressure if you’d rather send them to a club though.

Hi, we recently switched schools to a Waldorf school and found they teach the middle school children how to Unicycle. What an amazing experience. With that being said, they are in need of unicycles and if these are still available they would love to receive them.

Thank you for your very generous donation to a community in need!

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