Unicycles and Stilts w/pants for sale

A few years back, I taught at a circus camp for Investing In Children in London, Ontario. They are a non profit group. www.investinginchildren.on.ca

They bought the Savage Unicycles for the camp, and have been in storage ever since. They are in like new condition. (they have been sitting unused in a closet since then, and I was the last one to really see them in use, and they were all on the up and up then.)

The administrator originally posted them for $80, and contacted me after receiving no bites.

I told her she should sell them for $50 instead, as unicycle technology has improved tremedously, and it doesn’t matter that she paid $139 for the originally.

With a cheap seat, you can now have a fine beginner uni for about $75

If you are between London and North Bay, I will deliver them for free.

I already have several beginner uni’s, but this would certainly be a great way to jump start a club, nothing grows a club faster than available free unicycles. I have also rented unicycles by the week, another great investment in something like this.

There are also stilts with pants avaialble at different lengths.

Here is what she has available:

> I have 8 unicycles for sale; 6 are with a 20" wheel and 2 are with a 24"
> wheel. Now asking $50 each. Unicycles are in like new condition, were
> used indoors for a circus camp for 1 week other than that they have
> been in storage.>
> Also have 6 pairs of wooden stilts with stilt pants; 4 are 4’ and 2 are 3’.
> Stilts are $50ea. and includes pair of stilt pants.

please PM me if you are interested, and I’ll connect you with her.

Am interested! Sent pm.