Alright everyone from Pennsylvania, a few friends and I have set up a site for the PA riders. Come visit. UNICYCLEPA We will be having meets all around the Philadelphia area. We will also be selling merch, having videos made, and tons of more so come check it out even if you aren’t from Pennsylvania.
Later Fellow One Wheelers
Mike Schenk
Unicycle PA

WTF? I’m from philly, as is everyone in SWAT. Where you live?

Turf war!


Kidding. We would love to assimila…errrr…embrace and ride with them.

where are you guys? im in philly and would ride with you as soon as possible.

Lansdale. I invited them to ESPNXGSPR.

i was working in south philly right before Xmas and spotted a guy on a coker riding in downtown near “the market” made me wish i brought my uni on this job… is there a formal uni club in Philidelphia?

as TheObieOne3226 said we are from the lansdale area. we are not that great yet but we try if aneyone wants to unicycle with us just e-mail me at neilmig@unicyclepa.com or send me an im at the1wheelwonder1 just rember that we have to ride in the general area of L-dale because we cant drive.