My brother Max (Sockmonstr) will be unicycling through all of New England on his unicycle in an effort to raise money for college. Visit www.unicyclemax.com to read more about it, donate a few bucks, send him or myself and e-mail, or just bookmark it so you can check back to see his progress. I’m sure he could use a place or two to crash along the way.

We’re trying to spread the word as much as possible, so if you want to post a flash banner on your myspace, blog, or website, copy the code from www.unicyclemax.com/code.htm

His journey begins on May 6th, which will hopefully be covered by The Today Show. Tune in, check it out, spread the word. Support your fellow unicyclist.


Week 1 update

Unicycle Max left Rumford Maine on May 6th. He has now made it through New Hampshire, camping twice and crashing at various friends houses. He is currently in Westford, MA. Due to theheavy rain and flood warnings for southern MA, he took the weekend to rest but will be riding again on Monday May 15th, now that he found a place to stay (the idea of having to camp out in flood conditions was not very appealing). He will be hitting Connecticut before long, so if there are any unicyclists in CT who would be willing to give Max a place to crash, please let me know. Here is the latest map of his GPS checkpoints along the way.


That must stink with all the rain lately.

Well, he crashed at a relative’s house and was going to take a planned day of rest, but then the flood warnings started so he ended up staying 2 more days. He’s got excellent rain gear for riding, but it’s the possibility of having to pitch a tent in the stuff that kept him in Westford for a few more days.

You gotta see him mount this coker with 20lbs or gear on the back. It’s great. www.unicyclemax.com/videos.htm

Sweet, that would be pretty fun, change things up a little bit