unicycledotcom, losing it's touch

Thanks for your support, you and harper have the majority of reviews, very helpful indeed

You do have a valid point here. This is the main thing I would change about uni.com. It would be nice if the descriptions of the parts were a little more representative of the actual quality. If something is not going to last long in a MUni situation, they should say so. I would like it if I knew which parts really were made for low intensity riding, and which ones could withstand the abuse. I’m glad they sell cheap low-end stuff; it would be nice if they said it openly and consistently on each product.

Note: I’m not trying to say that they are blatantly lying; they are just doing what every company does and put a positive spin on their products. I still love uni.com (don’t lose my orders, please)

I tried to do some but when I try to register it says

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does the phrase ‘caveat emptor’ mean anything in north american retail?

what u’re asking is a higher level function than basic retail.
from what i’ve read about peoples’ experience of unicycle.com, they do offer a fair bit of that
u have to appreciate that they have to be carefull tho
if they give indications about a part’s quality and durabillity, that may make them liable in the event that such a part does not live up to those expectations

expanding the descriptions of items to include ‘top end’, ‘middle end’ or ‘bottom end’ does seem like a good idea tho

in addition to all the other reasons we like this forum, the uni.com people may also see it as the most amazing customer feedback/marker research tool ever

i wouldn’t be surprised if we see something along these lines before too very long

Joe Marshall:

Thanks for the feedback, it’s working now (apparently)

Yup, thanks, I had the same problem. I tried to email brian (at) londonunicyclingclub about it and got a bounce failure.:frowning:

Thanks Brian, that link is now corrected :slight_smile:

It probably is the UPS’s fault that UNiVERsE got broken, but unicycledotcom sent only one ankle brace to me, and when Brian’s Onza came it was a MUni instead of a trials, and when they “corrected” it, it was broken because the crank’s threads were stripped. That couldn’t have been UPS’s fault.

Unless there was a one-legged trials unicyclist working for UPS and he kept swithing things around!

They are clearly not up to par in their shipping department. Way too many people recieve the wrong or missing items (me included)

People say ‘They are great, I recieved what I ordered’ must not realize that YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET WHAT YOU ORDERED.

I bet there are people not in the forums recieving crap too, so the problem is more than likely even worse than we make it out seem.

ya well,

thx to uni.com i wont be having an onza anymore. They sold the one that i wanted to someone else and then said " im sorry but you will have to order something else". Something else isnt what i wanted. I wanted an onza not an onza with KH crank and hub set up.
I dont care what unicycle.com has to say. Ive spoken to them personaly and there not gunna do anything about it. I think waiting 3 months for a christmas present that i orderd a month early ( november , its now february) is just a little ridiculous and i think i should be given some sort of deal when the new shipment comes in sometime march.

So, im gunna order a bedford. Never had any problems with Darren.


Yikes, all the other reports had been about shipping issues mostly, you’re is quite an extreme example!

Are you out any money to them? possibly the cost of the original Onza? Or now if you choose to order one now, it’ll be different that the original one they said they would have?

I’ve avoided the grief of missed items in shipments from unicycle.com by switching to www.bedfordunicycles.ca.

Darren sells quality stuff and you can tell him what sort of unicycling you want to do and he’ll give you some suggestions. His prices are great, he’s quick to ship stuff, and of course when you order something he ships what you order!

Darren’s a great person to deal with, but his website is sad. Maybe that’s a good thing, … I’d rather deal with someone that spends more time building unicycles than building webpages.

PS: I’m not affiliated with Bedfordunicycles other than also being Canadian.


How do I buy something from Bedford? Their site doesn’t have very much.

You email him, or call him.
He’s very responsive to both.
He has lots of selection/inventory and is quite helpful; a pleasure to do business with.
(His web site is, unfortunately, not really worth even looking at).

Like duaner said, call Darren or e-mail him. I did an order for a Yuni with powdercoated frame, rim, and axle, selected the cranks and pedals and asked for an all black Velo saddle. I did the whole thing by e-mail. Darren responded almost instantly any time I asked a question and made recommendations based on what I wanted, not what would make him the most money. He shipped fast and it was not costly to ship to the US. I was incredibly impressed by everything about his operation. I also thought he had quite a bit of stuff available it’s just that the website wasn’t too straightforward…for me, anyway. It seems like items are scattered over several websites.

Incidentally, I ordered a Coker tire and the last pair of red 175mm Kooka cranks in the northern hemisphere from unicycle.com last week. I received it Friday, intact, nothing missing, in an undamaged box delivered on time by UPS. I lead a charmed life, I guess. Everything I’ve ordered in the past has arrived undamaged and on time. I also got to talk to Amy on the phone for awhile which is always a treat for me. I can’t see her yawning over the phone when she’s listening to me so it makes me feel interesting.

One thing that people seem to forget is that unicycle.com has the most extensive selection of unicycles and parts ever assembled. I took a quick look at their site and just in rough terrain the had 37 different unis. That doesn’t include the 11 other categories that they have.

I am not minimizing the disappointment that some feel when they don’t get what they order. That can be a real bummer when you have your heart set on 1 specific item and then for whatever reason you can’t get it. I have been through a similar situation myself. You want what you want and nothing else will really do. That being said, aren’t you glad unicycle.com has the selection they have?

I ordered a Jeep Rubicon last year. I was one of the first orders made in 2002. It was for a 2003 which should have been ready by September. I didn’t get it until the end of October. Normally I would have had no problem waiting, but I had nothing to drive while I was waiting. Chrysler started sending out Rubicons all over the country to dealerships and had them sitting on the lots with no buyers, all the while I was waiting with nothing to drive. Unfortunately for me I had my head, and heart set on buying that darn thing and like a rabid bulldog couldn’t let go. Finally, after a ton of calls to everyone in Chrysler I was able to get the build date properly prioritized and my Jeep was built three months after promised. This is from a company that could have a Jeep made and sent anywhere in the world in 3 days.
The problem is that the company is so big that no-one cares about one customer.

On the other side of the coin, we have unicycle.com. They are a small company trying to be everything unicycle. My first experience with them was after buying a Torker off of e-bay. After about 4-5 days the dust covers came off and I rode over and crushed one. I looked one this site and others had complained about the same problem. I found out about these dust covers.

and couldn’t find them anywhere. I told Amy about the problem, told her a possible solution and within weeks she called me to let me know they were in. I was amazed at the level of customer service. Not many companies would have bothered.

Unibrow, I know how much it sucks not getting exactly what you want, especially when there seems to have been a myriad of screw ups that led to you not getting what you wanted. I can assure you that John & Amy would have loved nothing more than everything to be perfect the first time your order went out. I ship literally hundreds of packages a day. About 2-3 mistakes are made for every hundred packages that go out. I get so frustrated at times, because no matter what I have implemented, no matter how much I try to emphasize the importance of shipping it correct it still happens. I had one the other day that cost me more to correct than the cost of the sale. It drives me insane. If anyone has any ideas on how to implement a perfect shipping system, I am all ears. I can’t stand mis-shipped products. To make matters worse, it always seems like someone who has had a previous shipping issue, gets it a second time. I think its Murphy’s fault. Even worse, it is either on an order I made no money on, or an order that was so huge it should have never left w/o being triple checked. The one that stands out in my mind recently was a $25 dollar item shipped to europe. It cost more to ship than the product cost. Guess what, it was supposed to have been two. So I had to box up another and send it on my $$$. That hurts. So I can assure you they not only want it shipped right the first time for your sake. but for theirs as well.

I like both Darren and John and Amy. They are both great for Unicycling and hope that they both grow to huge companies. I don’t think that Unicycle.com is so much worse than Darren at taking care of the customer, as much as they are just larger. More shipments increase the likelihood of mistakes. More employees increase the likelihood of mistakes. I have been lucky so far and have never been on the receiving end of a shipping problem from Uni.com. I have yet to order from Darren, though I will. Likely sometime after he gets a website up, and takes credit cards. Both issues I find equally as uncustomer friendly as mis-shipped packages.