hey i wanto to be able to do tricks like the ones in street videos, like grinding and jumping on poles. what type of cycle would be the best one and where could i get one like it…right now i have a 20" torker TX

if you mean torker dx then your set but the best streat uni is the kris holm one with a luna tire

20" Torker TX!!! :astonished: You learned on a girrafe!?!? I think you mean LX or CX.

But anyways, teh KH 20" trilas is the best uni out there right now for street. Its light and stronger than anything. For a budget you would wanna go for the 2006 Torker DX 20". Its heavy but string.

You’ll want a splined hub because its the strongest and it wont break as easily.

do you know where i could get a 20" DX

Depends where you live…If you live in the states, any LBS should be able to order you one…If not in the states then UDC is your best bet.

haha yes i do
last years model is $200 @ http://bicyclesource.us/itemdetails.cfm?catalogId=39&id=3675

i could just order as is or should i also get bigger tires, and should i get the 20 or the 24… the stuff i am going to use it for is riding around town grinding, jumping and doing spins

If you want a street uni dont get that one…It wont fit the tires you need. get the 2006 model from UDC. ANd for street riding you’ll want the 20" version.

why would you get the 2006 one… i think they have basically the same wheelset … just diff colors
and the 06 is much more expensive

The 2006 DX has a real Trials wheel set, which is a much wider/stronger rim that specially fits trials tires.

You could probally do just fine with the older DX model. It depends on how high of drops you want to do on it. When I used to ride it, I went up to 5 1/2 foot drops on it.

should i get the 05 or 04 dx. what size tire does it have and should i buy a bigger tire?

If o5 and o4 are your only choices then get the o5. na you wont be able to put on a tire bigger than 2.2 at the most.

i think the 06 DX, off UDC

can any one tell me what the difference is between an LX, DX, and CX is and what you would use them for and are any better that the other for certain things.

CX=piece of crap, just for learning, not very tough
LX=Good for learing freestyle tricks
DX=good for trials, drops, and hopping off/over stuff

is there any difference (besides price) in the 05 and 06?

Yes, the 05 model has a weeker rim, frame, and is more of a freestyle uni with a splined hub. The 06 model of the DX has a far better rim, i think the hub is stronger, the frame is better, and it will hold a trials tire.

There is more, but the 06 is a lot better than the 05.

i just read about unicrown and flatcrown tires and i was wondering what are they? what type of peddle should i get for the 06

The Unicrown and Flatcrown are frames…not itres…Hwere did you read that they are tires?

^^^ LIAR!

CX= sucks, not good for anything, not even learning, will break in a weak, junk.

LX= way better than CX, good for riding around town and doing freestyle if you don’t want to spend much money, not good for street.

DX= great starter trials, pretty heavy, good at budget price, if you get this, GET THE 06 VERSION! it’s much better.

KH= great uni, nothing bad about it.