Unicycle weights

i NEED to know the exact weight of the Torker Unistar DX 20-inch Trials (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=764).

and the Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials Unicycle (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=795)


I dont have the information, but im curious why you need to know the exact weights of the two?

he wants to kno which one is lighter so he can choose which one to buy.

u are sooo right

That really shouldn’t be the deciding factor, any difference in weight between the two definitely wont be much more than a pound or two. That wont have a huge impact on your riding.

Im not sure of the exact weight, but im guessing that the torker is heavier…it feels pretty bulky compared to some other trials unis/munis.

i got my dx 24 yesturday and its little heavy i have 2 get used 2 hops on it other wise i think you should go witht the dx instead of the qa-ax any way

06 torker dx 20":

wheel w/ cranks - 7.5 lb
frame w/ bearing caps and post clamp - 3.1 lb
saddle w/ post - 3.0 lb
pedals - 1.2 lb

whole uni - 14.8 lb

Wow, are you sure about that? That’s about the same as the 24" Torker LX, according to UDC, and the 20" DX seems much heavier…

The LX is more like 12 pounds I believe.

oh ok thanks i dont need any more info cuz i am just buying spiled hub and new cranks instead

lightest splined hub/cranks is kh I think but koxx is real close…