Unicycle vs. BMX vs. Skateboard Ninja skills

Which ‘discipline’ would have the greatest skill set?

Of course I’m talking jumping(On/Off stuff), spinning etc…

huh, who you need killed?

No one hopefully.

By Ninja skills, I mean the physical prowess.

defintely bmx…
ninjas would get flipped over by scotty cramer!!

BMX takes some serious balls, and alot of strength. Skating is super tech and all about flow and well to loud for the likes of a ninja. But to uni. To uni is to be one with balance, mush like a ninja must be. Not to mention the physical stamina unicycling builds.

I have tried all three. I bet more uni riders would be able to jump taller spin more, sneak atack… to uni is to ninja. Maybe not as quick as a bike tho

I hate to say it on a unicycle forum but I’d have to go with the BMX also…
it has the speed, the stealth, the manuverability and jump height superior to uni’s and skateboards.

Also a unicycle doesn’t have a chain (except the giraffe) so you can do a sneak attack on a unsuspecting person. Just like a ninja would. :smiley:

I’d go with the Unicycle, unlike bikes when you stack it, you land on your feet like a ninja does. :smiley: :smiley: As for jumps i’ve seen unicycle riders jump higher than BMX’s and skateboards on their unicycles. :wink:

Clearly you have not discovered trials bikes.

Trials riders are the real Ninjas.

I once had a trials bike but I got so bored of riding it on one wheel and stuff like that. So i just decided to sell it to buy my very first first unicycle and to this day. I’ve never regretted it. :smiley:

Trials bikes are great, but they keep sqeuaking like pigs and break all the time.

Not very ninja.

And they cost alot to maintain also. Unlike a unicycle. :smiley: :smiley:

Correct me if I’m wrong but the BMX world record is 1.2 meters and the Unicycle record is 94cm. Plus a BMX can acually launch off ramps to get much higher and farther than any unicycle could ever think about.


Was the BMX hop a flat bunny hop?

thats 10 cm below… at over 40" i would say they are comparable. less people uni…

trials bikes are not ninja
unless they are in the air.

psh, you have obviously overlooked the most ninja thing ever…

urban skimboarding.


I think we’re comparing unicycling to the wrong thing. Trials bikers may be ninjas, but unicyclists are jedi.

Well i am, anyway.

I’m a sith. Shooting lightning out your fingers and choking people from across a room is WAY more hardcore than speaking with the verb at the end of your sentence.

I have seen unicycles jump further then BMX’s, Like my friends 51" monster which thankfully was a project unicycle that me and my friends made with her, which was made to withstand the impact of high/long jumps. Then we asked people who owned BMXs or MTBs to match the distance of the 51" monster. So far no one has matched it. But she now has it on her bedroom wall and doesn’t take it out that much. Also the frame is still intact. Unlike the BMXs and MTBs which took her on. :smiley: :smiley:

Especially flatland.

Is this a pic of one of your bmx friends that can’t match it? :smiley:

oh come on bmx’s are getting 5 meter length bunny hops… that’s 192" (almost 4 times your friends length)

BMX Racing at ~6 Years Old.JPG