Unicycle Video game

We NEED to get a unicycle video game just like tony halks sk8, or the BMX bikeing game… i have heard of the other uni game that was for netendo along time ago but i think it would be SICK to have a game like that for like ps3. then i could learn moves as i play video games… it would be AWASOME!!! and i thnk it would sell cuz it is soo original, and will promote unicycling…

dude thats why we have uniracer for the snes… thats game was the shiz… you do all kinds of crazy tricks…


it wouldn’t sell dude, and in JC there are some people working on making a uni game, its under that thread about 3d modeling and the koxx uni picture

here you go

and i find that with questions like this are better started in jc or better yet try the search button…there are a bunch of threads about this already