Unicycle video filmed in San Antonio Texas, at the Alamo.

Here is a new video that i just finshed editing.


u may want to repost this into the Videos Forums…

Nice riding and good filming. I hope you had a great time in San Antonio. We have had some good group rides in the areas where you filmed on and near the river walk, but last time we tried it the park patrol ran us off.


Nice Taylor! You got those unispins down!

Are you and your pop going to LI this weekend? (link)

Hey Taylor, that was some good stuff!

you’re way better than the last time I saw you when you fell on your face twice

That was awesome. I’m jealous of your unispins. You’ve got that superman thing down pretty nicely too.

Yeah I have some fun with them too… and the river walk was sweet.

I wish i could make it but it’s my bro’s b-day so I wont be able to.

Thanks all.
~Taylor W.S.