Unicycle upgrading help

Im looking to change my cotterless hub to an ISIS hub but dont know what crank extractor to get
Which one would I need. Im looking to upgrade to this
Also is this a good hub to upgrade to?


Try to get yourself one of these. It will do both square taper and splined set ups (use the large end adapter for ISIS splines)


I dont think that they deliver to the UK?

Reading the Crank extractor item description, I would get; 2. Nimbus ISIS or 4. Allen Key ISIS, which both work on square-taper hubs and isis hubs, but you might need more than a crank extractor to change a hub from cotter-less to isis.

The quax isis hub is the only isis hub available with 48 spoke holes, do you have a 48 hole rim?


[edit] the quax is probably the cheapest isis hub but not necessarily the lightest.

I have a 28 hole rim I didn’t think that you needed to fill all of the holes?

#2 Nimbus ISIS appears to be similar to the Park CWP-6 (as long as it has a removable end. The large end might not fit on other splined cranks / hubs and or square tapers)

If you only have a 28 spoke wheel you might want to think of upgrading the rim as well. A 28 spoke set up is not known for extreme strength.

why do you need a crank extractor? you’ll be swaping the hub and cranks out wholesale, why not just leave them on there?

Yeah its an ebay uni. Ive been thinking about changing to this
But its about money at the moment im just looking to change the hub.

That could work, but don’t you need something to take the spokes off with?

Unless you are very very lucky, the spokes will probably not fit, and it’s generally recommended to change the spokes if rebuilding a wheel.

Stringing a 36 or 48 hole hub to a 28 hole rim will end up with a very odd, and not very strong lacing pattern. You will be much better off getting a new rim to match the hub at the same time. It’ll save you a load of agro in both the short term and long term.


I thought that it would be everything on this uni has been difficult to do. When replacing the seat I had to get a new frame and seat post. I had my suspicions that this would be just as bad.
Dagnabit :frowning:

Well, you’ve got a new frame, seat post, and seat. You want to buy a new hub and cranks. All that leaves is spokes and rim. Why don’t you put the old frame, seat post, and seat back where they started, and just build up the other one as another unicycle? Leave the eBay uni as a beater, and build up a MUni or trials or something.

tom, just ring up roger at unicycle.uk.com (UDC).

he will tell you what you need and make sure everything is compatible.

he got me my isis hub and cranks, and taught me how to build y wheel. (i still managed to mess it up)

didnt know there where more riders in york! how long you been riding?

Ill have to give him a call to see whats the easiest way to do it.

Well I have had my uni for about three years, but a month after I got it I had 2nd degree burns to one of my arms in a gas explosion.
Then I started at the end of last summer. But I only had enough time to be able to get to the end of the street before it the weather turned into winter.
Now that the weather is better I have started again.

I have only seen one other unicyclist in York but then again I haven’t been to any of the juggling clubs here.

@tholub that was what I was thinking but I just wondered if it was possible to just change the cranks and hubs. But no such luck.

yes, that would be a spoke key

If you remove the tire, you can turn the spoke nipples from the inside of the rim using a flat-head screwdriver. No need for a spoke key.

P.S. It’s bad style to end a sentence with a preposition. Next time, try: “don’t you need something with which to remove the spokes?”

i thought mine sounded like more of a question where as yours sounds like a thought. But then again I never was very good at English. Dyslexia and a teacher that doesn’t like me, the lessons never went well.

No it isn’t. That’s an outdated ‘rule’, the first sentence was fine (and really better style than your rather forced rewriting).

There’s a better explanation of this one here http://grammartips.homestead.com/prepositions1.html

It’s like saying you should be afraid to boldly split your infinitives, something that people got mislead about because they’ve met someone with a Latin obsession or a 100 year old school textbook that told them about a bunch of rules.


“This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.” --Churchill (possibly misattributed)

It’s not even an outdated rule; it never really was a rule.


–H.W. Fowler, “A Dictionary of Usage”, 1926

I will not take any such chiding from Mr. H. W. Fowler, Tom or Joe. Would you be as defiant to Miss Ayelery? For shame!

Miss A. and her protege have taught me well and I do not intend to stray from my lessons!

If we’re to abandon Latin standards, then we might as well abandon Latin roots.

A unicycle will now be known as an alphacycle.

Its wheel will no longer have a circumference, it will no longer have pedals. We won’t be able to move about on them, let alone ride in a straight line!

Start saving up, boys, Gilby’s going to have to buy a new domain and rearchitect the site!

(Latin roots emboldened)