Why does


have much more cool stuff than the US store in GA? :thinking:

Stuff like different frame & rim selections, aluminum seatposts, etc. I know I’m probably late to discover this site, but now I’m tempted to order some of those neat gizmos and have it shipped here. Has anyone had experience ordering from the UK? Do the shipping charges & duties make it unreasonable?

I ordered a Halo Combat rim from Roger, he got it out rather quickly. I would of had it in four days but US custom stopped it. Note: it was just a rim in bubble rap with a peice of cardboard taped to it with the mailing address, they had it marked Xray. sat in customs for a little over a week additional. I think the total on the shipping was around $30USD. If he had something I wanted that couldn’t find here in the states, yes I would use him again. But, I would exaust my local options first.

As I live in the UK I use the UK site a lot, and Roger is really helpful and will send stuff out to you super fast. He can order stuff from the US site… so I guess it works both ways!

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I know, it sucks not living in the UK! And the worst part is they won’t ship to Canada!!! Canada needs a online unicycle store! :angry:

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I think it’s only fairly recently unicycle.uk.com has been like this. A year ago the only way we could get splined hubs was either from the US or by buying an entire onza unicycle. There was loads of stuff available from the US version that wasn’t available in the UK.

The last year, however, that appears to have turned around very nicely, much to the detriment of my bank account… :slight_smile:


Ya, onza’s are super good though!

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Who says I wont… :stuck_out_tongue:

It does cost a fair chunk in postage but the small items seam to work out ok if you can get it in without the customs charges. I send items to Canada on a regular basis. You do have to email us for the carriage quotation.



Oh ya, I e-mailed you about the onza. I thought you couldn’t ship to canada. Oh well, I’m wrong. But it doesn’t seem like it’s too much for shipping!