Unicycle.tv 3rd Generation

Check out the redesigned UTV site, it’s beautiful! Olaf, Leo, Sinco Jim and many more have been working on it for quite some time now. Some changes were made within the team as well, and our first team video is now available for your viewing pleasure.


Team Video

2013 Team
Ebony O’Dea
Darja Schlote
Pau Suria Calvo
Sam La Hood
Lars Anderson
Julia Belk
Raphael Pöham
Mary Wegscheider
Eli Brill
Markus Pröglhöf
Elliot Hofman
Marcus Hahn
Elias Pöham
Will Riley
Nikolaj Moestrup
Daniel Adelander
Tomislav Šoić
Galina Ryom-Røjbek
Jakub Rulf
Emile Mathieu
Krisztián Kovács
Chris Huriwai
Carsten Schmidt
Mark Fabian

congrats and hope people more people use it this year

The new team video made me smiling so much.
New outfit is great, but please give us search back :slight_smile: Preferably at the top page.

People need to post to it also js