Unicycle Trials At National Extreme Games Convention

The New Zealand extreme games convention, dubbed X-Air, will this year (for the first time) have unicyclists accompanying the bike and motorbike trials. i’m not too sure if this is a world first, but i’m sure i’ve never heard of unicyclists performing along with all the other extreme sport disciplines.

although it will be more of a demo than a competition, hopefully it will spark a whole new impression of the sport with the youth, and hey, maybe even break unicycling into the world x-games (maybe i’m dreaming)

Myself, Tony Melton, Pete Van Boekhout (muniman_pete), Pete Marchant (pete66), and Ben Sarten will all be there in force, so keep an eye out for photos!

I got really excited last night when I found out we’re going on a family holiday to NZ and there’s a big National bike competition on while we’re there…I thought it was X-Air, but it’s not. This one is on the 25th-27th of February or around then. Still exciting that I’ll be in NZ though. Unfortunately I won’t be in Wellington. I’ll be mostly in Auckland (where Tony lives!) so I’ll get to go to Woodhill Forest and we’ll also go to Rotorua.

Sorry, that was rather off topic…have a great time!


damn, would have been wicked to meet you / have you along. still, you will enjoy woodhill and rotorua :smiley:


Yeah im really looking forward to X-Air. It should be really good for unicyling having it among the skaters and such… I just hope by then my knee and hand are healed.