Unicycle Top 10: Easy & Fun Mounts

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:arrow_right: In this video you’ll be seeing the Top 10 (at least in my opinion) easiest and most fun unicycle mounts.


Definitely gonna be trying some of those uni spin mount variations because I’m kind of working up to uni spins right now. Another good video as always, I especially like this format of not really being a tutorial but also not quite a session and instead just looking at individual skills. Tutorials are good and all but I think this format of just showing the trick or mount in this case is great because there isn’t much to explain and it is straight to the point.


I liked the video.

I’ll start practicing the backward freemount over this winter.
Thanks for the incentive.

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Another great video. I’ve never seen #5 before

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Cool Jack. Although I’m a complete beginner, this video already starts making me dream of doing kick up mounts, side mounts, side jump mounts, … :grinning:

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Its always fun to see how opinions and experiences differ on which tricks are easy an which are hard to learn.

But you explained your decisions well and I can see why your experiences must sometimes fundamentally differ from mine as we come from totally different sports. Well, we use the (nearly) same sports device but the sport itself, over the different unicycling disciplines is totally different. Some prerequisites may be the same for all disciplines but some are not. And when learning a disciplin, you develop totally different skill sets.
I learnt in a club that offered only a show oriented unicycling that was based mainly on a formation oriented form of unicycling originating from artistic cycling. As I grew up and became the trainer of it, i pushed it more into freestyle. Most of us (and me especially) aren’t very good at anything that involves jumping.

  • #1 freemount is also our first trick and the easiest one
  • #2 jump mount is one of our harder tricks. Over the last years a few of us learned it but most wil probably never.
  • #3 suicide mount. None of us ever learned it or even tried. I now have one guy who might eventually learn this one
  • #4 kick-up is one of the hardest mounts we have and over the last 15 years less than a handful learned it.
  • #5 back mount is our second easiest mount, almost everyone can do it. But we learn idling before, idling is the second trick we learn.
  • #6.1 (you only mentioned) rolling mount we all learn
  • #6.2 flip mount: never tried and probably no one will ever learn it.
  • #7.1 leg wrap (officially called side mount in freestyle) is one that we most learn but with cranks up and down and standing on the pedal instread of the crank
  • #7.2 leg wrap multiple times (officially called side mount leg around in freestyle) is a very hard trick for us, i was the only one in our group who ever did this but never became confident.
  • #8 side jump mount, see #6.2
  • #9 cave man mount, see #6.2
  • #10 unispin mount, one of us just recently learned it, but he is the first one to do so

That said, even hopping is in the beginning not easy to many of our group, they learn idling much faster. In the end, alsmost all learn it and many of them even learn rope skipping with the uni but they are all way more confident in idling (and do many many variations with it).


Thanks Unigoof! I like this format too and I’m glad you appreciated it. I find it’s a lot more non-chalante and more “digestable” for new riders instead of being blasted with technicalities and info. I mean eventually I’ll be doing more in depth tutorials, but I think these are good for new comers. Thanks again for the feedback dude, and I appreciate your support :grin:

That’s really interesting to hear. I find there’s a big difference in tricks between urban and club/freestyle communities. There are so many tricks in freestyle that I find mind-boggling hard but in that community it’s a more beginner or intermediate move. It’s cool to see the different standards and mindsets amongst the sub-genres of unicycling. Different uni upbringings :wink:

As always, appreciating your comments Eric!


Thanks Dino! Happy to see you on here and YouTube man :slight_smile:

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Thanks DaKawa, that’s awesome! I’m sure you can land all of these, you’re honestly not far off and getting there is hard - but a lot easier than you think (or at least I think that you think) haha.


Thanks man! No problem man, make sure to upload some progress when you get a chance :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m impressed everytime I watch one of them ride backwards and then hop up into a standing backwards glide. Nevermind the fact that they usually continue to raise one leg up over their heads and are doing all of it in synchronization. It’s seriously impressive.

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