Unicycle to rent in Seattle?

First time flying in to Seattle for weekend; is there any place to rent a 36" unicycle? :slight_smile:

You can use mine for free if you want to. I live close to NW 85th St and 15th Ave NW if that’s convenient for you. I am leaving town Sunday the 24th but will be here Friday and Saturday if you can pick it up then. I don’t come back until Wednesday but you could drop it at a neighbor’s house. My inseam is 35" and I have an old-school Coker with a KH saddle. I think it can be lowered a bit. 150mm cranks and Wellgo pinned pedals.

Hey thanks Harper for offer.
I’ll be in Renton for weekend and will lookup where that is. :slight_smile:

Wow. I’m about as far away from Renton as you can get. The offer still holds, though.

I sent a PM with my contact info to you.