Unicycle T-Shirts

FREE graphic T-SHIRTS!! You just pay for the shipping

Let me know which one you want or if you want them all. I’ve been a graphic T-shirt collector for a couple years. Most of my shirts are unworn. I just need to get rid of some things and I don’t want to toss out perfectly good shirts. Someone else can enjoy these so I want them to go to someone who would enjoy them.

Please let me know:

  1. which shirt(s) you want
  2. your shipping address, and I’ll let you know the price
  3. once you pay me via paypal, I’ll send your shirt.

I’m sure I might have more shirts I want to get rid of later on, but let’s start with these six for now:


Feel free to contact me directly via my website www.josephneigh.com and I’ll get back to you. I don’t get on the UDC forums too often.