unicycle street 2

Normally I would make 'pure unicycle trial (PART2)
but haven’t enough other good lines within 15km(for now)…, so I made a street vid :stuck_out_tongue:

here it is:

hope you enjoy and leave a comment :smiley:

nice i love you style at flip tricks

I liked it a lot. My favorite stuff was that awesome 180 flip off the table, the 6 set flip, and the flip off the short handrail. Your double flips are really unique looking lol.

6 set flip and 180s and flip out of the handrail were really nice. Your doubles do look funny though.

Sick, gettin good.

wow! very impressive!

awesome as :slight_smile: you say you normally ride trials? your really good at street, you should ride it more! very nice video.

I liked that 180-180-180 unispin at 3:20 :slight_smile:

Nyce ryding!

yeah, mostly I ride trials… but there are moments when I ride pretty a lot street :stuck_out_tongue: but mostly I go out to trial, and when I jump on a set or something like it, I also do a crankflip of it. + to fill the distance betwine the line, I do crankflips, spin,crankrolls… :slight_smile:

and thanks for the comments