unicycle storage

I know that alot of you tend to unicycle to work or school, I quite like to unicycle to school but now that I have started coop i dont have anywhere to put it unless I want to leave it at school.

where do you guys tend to keep your unicycles when riding them to work or school and the such?

I became friends with the librarians and they let me keep my unicycle in their office when I ride it to school.

i leave mine in da bushes, and lock it to a tree:D

I go to uni(versity) and when I don’t have time to stash it in the trunk of my (mom’s) car, it can usually lean up against the wall of the classroom I have a class in. It’s not in the way, and as long as campus patrol doesn’t see me riding it in the hallways, they don’t care. Other than that, maybe someone with an office, like the guidance councillor or something (saying this because they’re usually pretty cool) would let you keep it in there, especially if it’s something small like a 20". I don’t think I’d leave a uni tied to a bike rack though, too much possibility for vandalism.


my high school principal/vice principal are really cool. they let me ride it in the halls. i just roll it into my classes and keep it with me by my desk.

I leave mine in the Software Engineering Lab at my university, 'cause the CS Club administers the workstations, and half the uni club is in the CS club anyways :smiley:
I’d never leave it on a bike rack at school… I’ve seen bikes here with their rims tacoed while still locked up. A few times I’ve taken it to class, like when the lab got re-painted last year I did that for 2 days… Aside from some weird looks in class, I never had a problem with it…

as long as you’re not a nuisance or a jackwad, no one should really care if you take it in the building or not. some places might have you carry it, or leave it somewhere.

At university, I take mine into lectures with me, and usually put it beside me on the floor. If you’re at school, just put it at the back of the classroom or something. If you’re not sure, I reckon the teacher wouldn’t have a problem with that if you checked with him/her first.

When at uni i leave mine in the bike rack outside my flat most of the time, and leave it in the rack outside the department when i go for lectures, had no problems yet.

well, that really isnt the best place to put your uni. locking it to a rack, you can only lock it thru the wheel, which can be removed with a simple allen wrench on most models. just letting you know.

I keep it in my room when I’m not out on campus or elsewhere, and either in class for those that don’t mind, or in a bike rack for those that do or if the room is too small.

Well school isn’t much of a problem, now it’s just coop, at school it turns out it fits in my locker, barely. Actualy a friend of mine has a 24" and his doesnt fit but my 20" fits with room to grow. Now I have to go downtown to the Chateau Laurier after lunch to do my coop and the lockers there are just a little too small so I don’t have anywhere to put it, hence the delema.


That is true with bikes too, I mean no matter how you lock ur bike, someone can take most of the parts off and steal them. I guess you just have to trust people :smiley:

That’s assuming that during the 50 minutes you’re in class that someone happens to walk by your unicycle who wants to steal it, happens to have an allen wrench of the correct size in his pocket, and happens to not care about unscrewing the frame off of a unicycle in the middle of a busy campus walkway.

Even then all this thief would get is the frame, which is wholly useless without a wheel.

In all actuality it would just be much easier for someone to simply cut the chain/lock, in which case it takes the same effort to steal your uni as it does the bike sitting next to it that the thief can actually ride.

So really, I’m not too paranoid about people stealing my uni when it’s locked up between classes.

I’ve always just left it on the bike racks.
When I lived on campus, I left mine in the bike rack outside the dorm.
Now, I commute to school on it every day, and leave it chained to the bike rack/fence outside my class.
If it’s raining hard when I leave, I might give it a spray of WD-40 on the rustable bits.

As far as theft goes…
first off, everyone at my universitiy knows me as the unicycle guy (though most don’t know my real name) If one of mine were stolen, I reckon it would come back to me eventually.
I just use a simple length of chain from home depot with a small key padlock. The chain is just long enough to lock my uni, not much longer, so that it fits nicely in my pocket, unlike a real “bike chain” which would be too bulky.

I once had my old 70’s Schwinn chained outside to a bike rack when my keychain was lost. Luckily, only the frame was chained to the rack, so I just squeezed the frame sides together to release tension on the bolt, unbolted it easily with my fingers, and walked away with my compelte unicycle. Perhaps the old Schwinns should really be locked through the wheel…:wink:

I often leave mine locked to bike racks, even in town. Even in strange towns. I lock through the wheel and round the frame and if I’m using a long chain through a pedal as well and maybe a wrap around the frame.

If the uni won’t fit IN the lockers at coop ( what the heck is coop anyway, I’m confused) would it fit on top of them? In one job I had all the cyclists would chain their bikes to the banisters on the stairs to the little used basement. In another there was a bike rack in the basement! One of the places I work now the bikes live in the shower room much of the time. Anywhere my colleges leave their bikes I’m happy to leave my uni.


Alright I guess I should just try and find a bike rack near there, hopefully there is one in back but I havn’t explored much around the building.

For those that dont know coop is like an internship or apprenticeship (apprenticeship in my case) except its all arranged through your school and instead of getting payed you get high school credits.

My thoughts exactly.

My uni was stolen two weeks ago. :frowning:

I had no problem leaving it anywhere in town locked to bike racks, balustrades, lamp posts, etc.

At home (where it disappeared) I kept it in the staircase in front of my apartment. It must have been someone from the house who saw me leaving and knew I wouldn’t come home for a while so he had time to niggle with the lock. :((((