unicycle (still) too tall

I’ve cut the seatpost of my uni until right where it says “minimum (something)” and apparently it’s still too tall. I always thought if I cut it any shorter I wouldn’t be able to fit the seatpost into the unicycle anymore, but I just want to check with you guys cause at this point my uni is still utterly useless.

Yeah, I probably didn’t make much sense.

On a related note, how tall is the seat suppose to be? :thinking:

The seatpost must go at least two inches into the frame - that mark was probably the minimum insertion distance for the uncut seatpost. Ignore it.

The seat should be such that, sitting on it, you knee should be slightly bent when you place your heel on a pedal. This is about the same as the way to determine seat heat on a bike.

maybe this link can help.

My son is very short… we cut the seat post so short that the seat rests on the frame. I left as much seat post as I could for strength… On his uni, that means I cut over half the post off…

If you need to get your seat shorter than that… you can cut the frame, as the link above shows…


The minimum level a seatpost can have is when it pokes out the bottom of the frame and rubs the tire. As long is it’s not touching the tire you’ll be alright.

as long as you have 2 inches of seatpost left ur fine