Unicycle Stickers

I have not seen any unicycle stickers out there that I liked so I came up with my own! These are die-cut stickers made from 5-7 year outdoor vinyl so they will last a long time and not peel off like some cheaper stickers. They measure about 4"x4" for the Downhill Unicyclist and 2.5"x4.5" for the Unicyclist alone. Stickers come in Gloss White, I do have other colors available upon request. Cost is $3.50 each which includes shipping to anywhere in the USA, out of country will be slightly more.
I do accept PayPal.

stickers 017 (2).jpg

stickers 018 (2).jpg

With all that’s going on in that picture I’d be leaning back a bit, standing on the pedals waiting for the landing and reaching for the handle.

That is one relaxed, take things as they come, way of riding.

lol that is ture:)

i think it makes a better graphic that way