Unicycle Spotting / Sighting Thread

A unicyclist in the Wednesday series, episode 1:

With a large tire!


I can’t get a picture but saw on season 5 episode 4 of the Magicians a shot of a unicycle riding by
made think of Gockie, looked like a girl wearing a sort of dress outfit

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And what appears to be a yellow seat handle… A @qu-ax maybe? Too bad we don’t see much the unicycle as it passes behind the main character and the shot is quick.

Mascots on NetFlix:


Saw a unicycle in Viola Brands VLOG behind the scenes of Danny McAskills video “Do A Wheelie”, but could not spot the unicycle in the final video. Maybe it was cut out because it was too spectacular :wink:.


Not a unicycle per se, but watched a movie on Netflix last weekend where one of the main characters had a familiar name; captain Kris (Kristoffer) Holm :joy:

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@Joris : that was a cool film yes.

As @Unigoof pointed out, this one should be in the Sighting Thread. Nice to see they have unicycles in Star Trek :


I saw this John Oliver segment mentioned in another thread, but without a working link. I’ll drop this here:


Nice unicycle content in this episode.

The Man with the Yellow Hat says:

“Don’t go riding the unicycle, without putting on a helmet first!”

Good advice.

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