Unicycle Skinny-Testing/Practice

A video I enjoyed making… :smiley: srry bout the stupid camera flickering…

Nice skinny riding! And good call on making the skinny just the right height so you don’t hit your nuts.

The flickering is happening because of your cameras auto-exposure feature, if you can find a way to fix your exposure for specific shots, then it won’t do that when you fast forward clips. Usually it doesn’t happen as much with tripod shots, since nothing is changing much, but is it an older camera?

It flickers even without fast forwarding. And no its not old. It is a cheapo, the Vivitar DVR 508. I don’t know wht to do about the flickerig, but I’m pretty sure its the cold because it didn’t flicker during the summer i the heat. I do appreciate yr comment and the tips.:slight_smile:

If it’s a pulsing-like effect at normal speed, it’s most likely the auto exposure, the cheaper or the older the camera, the more it will pulse because the programming is not as good as it is now, even if you’re on a tripod. You can try to see if your camera has a manual exposure mode, sometimes lower-end consumer cameras won’t let you go manual, but it might.

I hope to ride some skinnies like you some day, make more videos =)

I just saw your sentence about the summer vs winter. This doesn’t surprise me much, since the way these cameras determine your exposure is by doing a “middle-gray” tonality reading, which green grass is pretty close to, so if you had shots in the summer with lots of green grass and blue sky, the camera would perform better, but with lots of bright snow and darker sky, it gets more confused. I hope that made some sense, I’m trying to explain it without getting technical.

I got a lot of videos on my youtube channel. And yeah, my very first videos in the summer are not pulsing and look a lot better…:slight_smile:

That’s impressive skinny riding. Backwards even!
Nice. :sunglasses:

Thanks. Just takes a lot of practice…Srry bout the bad camera flickering… I know it makes the video look baaaadd…

Naw we were all paying attention to your riding man.