Unicycle Size

i was wondering if my unicycle is too small for me. I get knee pain, from it. Im only 16 years old so its not arthritis or anything, but i dont know it its, im riding so much, or if its not proper for my height. its a 20" with a 6.55 inch seatpost. whatever that is in mm i dont know. and im 5’10.

ill have a pic on here in a minute


maybe my knee pain is because the seat doesnt go high enough, therefore my knees are always bent too much

For Freestyle and road riding, that’s pretty low. For trials, where you are standing a lot, it’s ok.

If you’re doing lots of seated tricks, you probably should raise the seat. If you need a new seatpost, then figure out how much seatpost you need to get your knee just bent when your foot is all the way down and your hips straight. The GB4 seatposts are really good.

There are also other sources of knee pain. Try pedaling with a more circular motion; also try stretching exercises that your track coach can tell you about.

Good luck!

i cant quite workout if that seat post is set to low for you, coz of the angle the pic is at, and the postion of your legs, try riding with your saddle higher
is the pain in the back of yourknees by any chance, beacuse if so i get that when i overstretch during martial arts training, llike during the actual stretch

yeah im pretty sure its just my seatpost is just too short. im a swimmer and im pretty flexible, so i dont think its how i pedal or stretching. thanks a lot for the reply

yeah i cant really see that its ill health causing you pain.
when i made reference to my knees though, my instructor said that if your hams (i thinks its hams) get too flexible, you need to start building their strength up aswell, which i think is my problem.

Your seat is way too low.
Raising the seat will make riding much easier and will also make your knees feel better.

Your leg should be almost straight when the pedal is at its lowest point. You don’t want your leg so straight that you end up rocking your hips as you ride. You want just a slight bend at your knee.

Try a 400 mm long seatpost. You’ll be able to cut it down if it’s too long. but from the looks of things I don’t think it will be too short. Your picture doesn’t show what seat you have. There are several different seat bolt patterns and there are specific seatposts for each seat bolt pattern. You need to pick a seatpost that matches your seat. Unicycle.com has seatposts to fit the different seats.

its kind of a neighborhood unicycle, because the owner doesnt care, so its kind of everyones. We decided we’re going to get this kids dad (thats awesome at welding) to make the seatpost longer, or just buy a new, longer seat.

rotated picture(the seat is as far up as it can go without breaking off!)

Brazing is another option. Many year ago I had a seatpost lengthened by brazing on an extension. Get a 2 inch long sleeve that fits over the seatpost and a length of 7/8 inch (22.2 mm) tubing for the extension. Braze the pieces together and you’ve got a longer seatpost.

The brazing might be easier than welding, but if you have someone willing and able to do the welding then go the welding route.