Unicycle sites from canada, selling uni's?

I have pretty much decided what I want to get thanks to the assistance I’ve received at this site. Now the last thing I ask about getting my Uni is Does anybody know of a unicycling store or site in or from Canada that has canadian prices?



if you’re in Canada, get it from Darren!

i vote for bedford too!

One Question

Do you honestly need a new unicycle at level one? I mean Im about level four and have been riding for half a year with the same unicycle. But its ur choice.

I don’t think the level matters if there are some improvements that the rider wants. For example: I want a different tire, different pedals and a better seat. I could change all that stuff out on my Torker , or I can get another Uni and let my kids thrash on the Torker while they continue to learn.
“Level one and proud of it” ! :slight_smile:

Go with Darren, you can’t go wrong!

A new uni, or new uni parts … money well spent. The equipment for uni’ing is relatively simple but can make quite a bit of difference to your riding pleasure.

Upgrade, go for it!



how do u know wat level you are?

levels defined : http://www.unicycling.org/unicycling/skills/skills.html


i’d say i was level 4:D

Maybe, but…

But when you can hardly mount, or do any major skills, I’d think at level one its a little early to even know what you specifically need on a unicycle or improvments that should be made. But he is contemplating a comepletly new unicycle. Mine is basicly fine, but for about 6 months all i found is that my seat is crappy.

Not to seem rude or cocky, because I know I’m not that good. I can already do three types of mounts, but only two solidly. I can ride pretty much as far as I would like, unless I get tired or it’s just bad conditions. I can almost idle and can do most of the level three skills I’m just not yet able to do a nice smooth 3 meter diameter figure eights. So I do pretty much know what i’m looking for and besides I don’t have the money yet I’m still saving that up, it won’t be another three months before I have $1200 that I need and by then I’ll know what I want.

Wow, does that make sense or did I just blab on about nothing… Oh well, somebody will understand. :slight_smile:


Re: Maybe, but…

Ah well, that’s what makes a unicycle race…:slight_smile:

One more thing when I went out to get my first unicycle I got a standard no name bike store unicycle, and I’m now starting to learn trials, so my crappy unicycle will be ripped to peices and I don’t want to break it.


Ok then

That either doesnt make sense, or my senses are outta wack.

Re: Ok then

Just referring to the fact that it’s a matter of opinion. Yours is no new unicycle, mine is new unicycle. It’s a matter of differing opinions. Many times people buy things they don’t really need by other peoples standards. If every one had the same opinion about everything we would be very boring. All imho.

Okay then

THAT makes sense, and is very true.