Unicycle shopping question...

Is it almost time for the new unicycle year? When I go to unicycle.com they seem to be out of so much. Other unicycle.com countries seem to still have pretty decent selections of unicycles or a good deal to choose from but U.S.'s unicycle.com seems very limited, for example…out of Torker LX (20" I think), Nimbus 16", KH 24, 125/150 KH cranks, and a few more things that I can’t think of off the top of my head (not that I am shopping for all these), but unless your shopping for a Nimbus it’s kind of “forget about it” sort of thing. Being fairly new I just wondered if it’s coming to the new year release date or something, or do they just not restock 3 months prior to the new year?

Two of the times I wanted something from UDC the things I wanted were sold out. When I called to ask, they said just order it anyway because they had a few in stock. You can always call and ask if they have the item you want or when they will get it.

I was looking into getting the Nimbus 16" for my little sister (shes 8) and I called them and it turns out that it has been discontinued. I’m not sure about the other items, but you can try calling them.

mbalmer- thanks I guess if I find something of interest I will just call. I know they have always been very helpful in the past.

Julia B - Alot of the stuff just isn’t on the site anymore, the 16" for one. The only reason I happen to run across it was googling the particular unicycle, google still has the link to unicycle.com which then says “out of stock”. I was thinking of buying one for the kids next door to play around with, that’s a bummer about the 16" though for your little sister. If you really want the 16" Nimbus for your sister you might want to try Adam Cohen’s store. I don’t know if he just orders from UDC or if he has his own stock from there but here is his link…http://just1wheel.com/unicycles-and-equipment-for-sale.html. I was just window shopping the 16" and didn’t really care about buying one, but it might be worth a try.

Basically, I’m just looking around because I want to get a freestyle uni and there just isn’t much out there in the US shops, Torkers, a few Nimbus, Schwinn and Clubs and sort of wondered if I’m just late in the season for getting much of a choice or if that is the way it is.

I just got a 26" Nimbus MUni frame from UDC.US. They have been sold out on the website for a few months, but Josh found one in the warehouse. They told me that they normally get a September shipment, but this year they decided not to as the sales haven’t been as high as normal. They will be getting new stock in November.

I would call them. I think when the stock goes below a point they pull the item from the web, but they still might have some. They found me a bunch of things that have been sold out on the website for a while.

I’d be interested to know if the new colors of the nightrider are coming out soon, the one they had on the showroom was a pinkish color that I actually kinda liked. Not a big fan of the burgundy, and black is just black. But I plan on getting the black one in a week.