Unicycle shop in Berlin ?

Im lookin for a unicycle shop in Berlin
I live in Warsaw Poland, but i have a friend who lives in Berlin.

Soon he is coming to my place and he could buy unicycle in Berlin.
So pls let me know about any shop selling unicycles in Berlin.

I would buy online, its so much easyer. Unless of corce you find a good shop :slight_smile:

There’s “der kleine Zirkusladen” www.zirkusladen.de
Though I have never bought anything there, I heard it’s a good shop.

oh men, im reallly thankful for quick answr

I bought my first unicycle in Berlin, far away from home:)
But it was in a juggling shop and it was one of those no-named chrome thingies. I didn’t know about any unicycle shops back then


yes, I recommend this shop!

It is a small shop but they have lots of things nd Peter is a nice guy !




Ironically, there’s a uni shop in Berlin, Connecticut, USA.