Unicycle shipping

Oddly, when I search for “shipping” or “unicycle shipping” I don’t get anything.

Well, sorry if this has been discussed before. I’d like to get an estimate on shipping an Oracle24 domestically within the US. I have no appropriate shipping box, and no idea how to estimate the cost for a potential buyer of my cycle. Any thoughts?


Go to the UPS website and calculate shipping for a package. You will need the zip code for the destination and the dimensions of the shipping box.

If you need a box, I have one that measures 24.5 x 25.5 x 8. You are welcome to have it.

That’s great! I may take you up on it. That’s really what I needed. Was an idea of the dimensions on the box. I’ll see how much a box might be at the LBS.

I’ve never tried it, but someone on here said that boxes could be shipped via Greyhound package services for much cheaper than UPS.

Maybe someone who has actually done it can weigh in…

Go to your lbs and ask for a wheel box. If they are decent it’ll be free.

I remembered that one time I tried to find the seller the most cost effective way to ship, before i knew about Greyhound. USPS couldnt ship the 36er for it exceeded their size limits, but Im sure the 26er is not a problem. They referred to me a truck freighting co. I called them, they entered the info,…boop…beee.boopbeepboop…out came the estimate, 2 minutes later… $1193 shipping from East Coast State to West Coast California :smiley:

I shipped a 36" Coker a few months ago from Los Angeles to North Carolina via FedEx Home Delivery for $61. I got the box for free from my local bike shop (but I had to “remodel” it somewhat to fit the 36" wheel). (That was with some extra stuff in the box as well – extra tire, extra tube, several extra sets of cranks, Nimbus handlebar set.)
Just for comparison/reference, ymmv.

Adding that Lance did a yeoman’s job and it arrived in fine condition (he sent it to me) and that I had checked Greyhound first but he was able to do better with FedEx.

I do wonder though if it’s all a bit like airline tickets, dependent on when, from where and to where, and who you are and who you ask, and maybe also phase of the moon. I’ve never gotten a good sense for one choice being consistently better or worse than another. That might be different if I had a job where I needed to ship stuff all the time, but different rules would probably apply to me too were that the case.