Unicycle seat design

Although the unicycle seat design is very purpose built, I’ve been bothered quite a bit by the discomfort factor of having everything pushed up infront of me well riding. It made me start to wonder “why don’t they put a divet in a unicycle seat to make up for this factor, it would increase the comfort level so much.”
More or less this is what makes me fall off most the time, it just gets unpleasant after awhile and makes free mounting (for me at least) a lot more difficult. It would also eliminate some of those strange minor things that happen

heres a picture I just doodled to show what I’m talking about more visually. The reference is highly needed. Nothing fancy.


Yeah it will be comfortable until you fall forward and your balls get crammed in there and get puree’ed like a couple a tomatoes

ooh, that makes me cringe
edit: small thing, its spelled divot, not divet :wink:

there is really no good place to have your package. a hole in the seat would rock. hahaha kidding ofcourse.