Unicycle Road trip! We want to ride with you!

Hello Every one! This is Joseph Campbell, a unicyclist out of Fresno California. Some of you guys might remember me from the last mountain uni weekend or other uni events.
I am planning a unicycle road trip with a buddy of mine from here in the Fresno area to ride with a good street/trials rider or a group of riders. Private message me and leave a reply if you are interested in planning a session or two. We plan on bringing a video camera!
I have family that lives in Southern CAlifornia between SantaBarbara and LA so that would be nice to be in that area. But anyone in california would be great! Reply!
we plan on doing this trip soon.

Joseph Campbell

Also, you can email me.

so who wants us to come to your home town and ride with you?!

Well guys im in the high desert so cal area wanna ride man just give me a call 760 963 9632