Unicycle Recommendations

So, I’m 5’2", about 125lbs or so, the inside length of my legs is about 29". It’s been a decent few years since I last rode, but the unicycle I pulled out of my shed the other day had a 16" wheel and seems to be too small for me now. I was a decent rider, and I’m still able to ride okay on the one I have now, but it’s uncomfortable. So I suppose I’m looking for a decent quality unicycle ($200 max) that’s a bit bigger. I think I’d just be riding it short distances (we’ll say 3 miles max, but typically closer to 1/2-1), on sidewalk, gravel, or dirt roads. I don’t know if any unicycle shops near me, but I am in the Portland, Or area, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something near by. If there’s anything else you’d like specified let me know, otherwise thank you for your input.

Likely the closest “unicycle shop” to you is in Vancouver, BC at http://www.ebikes.ca/shop/uni-shop.html
More likely you should be able to find something on Craigslist. There seems to always be a few in your price range. The other place to look and get some ideas of what is available is online at https://www.unicycle.com/home (UDC)


You would want something with at least a 20" wheel, ideally with an ISIS hub. For that, you will have to either spend a bit more than $200 or get lucky on Craigslist. Here’s one that is sort of near you for $50. It does not have an ISIS hub, but is still a very good deal. It is either a 24- or 26-inch wheel. Garage sales can be a good place to look too,

Craigslist should turn up a reasonable 24" Nimbus uni or similar for $50. That’s what I rode around on for a fair while. It was a great little machine and I did a lot of miles on it.

I hope you have heard about the Unipiper. He’s apparently active in Portland.

Thanks all, I’ll look into the suggestions. And yeah, I’ve seen the unipiper a few times, once with a Darth Vader mask durring the holidays.