Unicycle recommendations?

Hia all,

I’m sorry if this gets asked a lot (if so please point me to the relevant thread/lock) but I’m new to the world of unicycling, and it’s something I’m really keen to get into. Thing is; in terms of buying one, I have little idea where to start.

I’m 18, about 5’11", and I’m looking to spend anywhere up to £200 (I can spend more if there’s one which really fits the bill) – in terms of what I would specifically use it for, I’m not totally sure yet, so I suppose I’m in the market for a fairly general purpose cycle. I’d like one that I won’t immediately want to replace when I become proficient on it (and I am committed to this) - the “beginner” label usually puts me off in that respect.

So if anyone has any recommendations, I’d be really grateful - seems like a fantastic community you have here, so thanks in advance for your help.

NB: I’m in the UK, if that has any impact on what might be available.

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Welcome to the forums! It’s a pretty friendly place here, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

As for recommendations for unicycles, if you want to make a commitment to it, I’d go for something like the Nimbus ISIS Trials or the Torker DX (cant find a uk link). You can use those for a number of street, trials, and flatland tricks as well as some MUni (mountain uni). But if that’s not your cup of tea and you want to go to a more flat/freestyle I’m pretty sure the Nimbus X ISIS freestyle is good. Also, the Nimbus ISIS Munis are good, too if you want to go offroad.

For my own experience, I tested the waters with a 24" beginner, then upgraded to a Kris Holm Trials uni, which is similar to the Nimbus Trials, but a fair bit lighter and I don’t regret getting a trials unicycle one bit.

  • James

Cheers CoreTechs - much appreciated. Just a few Qs; how much of a difference does the wheel size make? I’ve read that the taller you are, the larger a wheel you should consider; any truth to that?

At the moment one of the freestyle options looks best; it’ll mainly be used in an inner-city environment, so mostly roads and pavements; and I’m not sure how much trials stuff I’ll want to be doing, if any. Any positive/negative experiences from people who’ve started out with one of these?

Thanks again

Wheel size makes a difference in speed and nimbleness. A 20 inch will not go as fast as a 24, but you can do tricks like unispins and a few others much easier on a 20. If want to use the wheel to get around town or something, you are better off with a larger wheel. As for size I’m about 6’1" and I use a 20" just fine. It’s all in how you use the wheel in my opinion.