Unicycle recommendations for CLUBS

I would like to pick the brains of those with experience in starting and running a unicycle club. We have a new club here in San Diego and we are looking into purchasing a large number of unicycles for members to learn and practice on.

I would really appreciate any advice anyone can offer as to which brands to consider and also where to purchase them from. Even if you belong to a club and can offer some insight into which unis your club uses and how you feel about them, that info will be very welcomed as well.


The San Juan Capistrano club that Adam Brody is in charge of runs almost exclusively on Torker LX’s. They’re cheap ($100), and for the kids (<80 pounds) they’re practicaly indestrucible. Most of the kids use 20", but the larger ones can run 24"s.

^^if you buy a large number of any unicycle then udc takes like ten dollars off the price.

edit:you might want to purchase some quick release clamps to make adjusting the uni’s easier. make sure you cut the seat posts in a variety of sizes, too.

Carol McClean has put together a primer for how to start a uni club. Check out Carol’s website at:



SDuni is new?

ps. maybe a few torker LXs and cotterless nimbus trials would be good.

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Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club

Our club have:

  • a big bunch of low cost beginners 20" and 16" unicycles,
  • a nimbus II 24",
  • a kangaroo,
  • a girraffe,
  • 2 mini bikes for those people aren't ready for a unicycle yet.

The club also has juggling balls, clubs, rings, spinning plates etc.

Hope that helps. :smiley:


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Thats great, fellas! Thanks so much!